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Saturday May 20th, 2018
Positive Attitude Youth Center
Burlington, NC

Official Event Results

1. Sugar Dunkerton defeated Donnie Dollar$ by pinfall in singles action (11:24)

2. Mid Atlantic Outlaw Matt Houston w/Nick D defeated Tre-G by pinfall in singles action (7:20)

3. The $outh$ide Playas' J-Money & Will B. Smooth won the BCW Tag Team Titles in one-fall four-way tag title action against former champions 1st Gen's Victor Alexander & James Anthony, the BTF Connection's Rob "Boogie Woogie Man" McBride & Tank Lawson and "Rampaging Beast" Aaron Biggs & Snooty Foxx by pinfall (15:17)

4. Chris "TNT" Taylor defeated Shane Martin w/Sean Cruise by pinfall to win the new BCW North Carolina Championship (5:32)

5. "OMG" James Ryan defeated Redemption's Nick Richards by pinfall in singles action (8:40)

6. Trevor Lee defeated Otto Wrestling Machine by pinfall in singles action (13:40)

7. Extreme Horseman C.W. Anderson defeated Brad Attitude by pinfall in singles action (7:46)

8. Chet Sterling defeated All Star Roy Wilkins by pinfall in singles action (14:42)

9. The Dawson Brothers' Zane & Dave Dawson v. the Gymnasty Boys' Timmy Lou Retton & "White" Mike Jordan was ruled a double disqualification after both teams brought title belts into the ring (14:00)

10. Chip Day defeated BCW Heavyweight Champion "Ace" Arik Royal by pinfall to win the championship (14:23)

Officials: Buddy Love, Blake Floyd & Bobby Gordon

Benefit Championship Wrestling STARS AND STRIKES raised $850.00 for disabled veterans of Alamance County! BCW returns to action on Sunday November 11th for the Second Annual Relay For Life Benefit!


Sugar Dunkerton tries to hoist Donnie Dollar$ off of the canvas in singles action.

Dunkerton holds on for dear life as Dollar$ tries to put some distance between them.

"Mid Atlantic Outlaw" Matt Houston locks up with Tre-G in singles action.

A mid-ring collision between the two sends Tre-G flying.

BCW Tag Champions 1st Gen's Victor Andrews dropkicks $outh$ide Playa Will B. Smooth in four-way one fall BCW Tag Title match.

Nick D and the Playas cry "foul" after an incident in the ring.

Snooty Foxx drives Andrews to the canvas as his partner Aaron Biggs looks on from the far corner.

The BTF Connection's Rob "Boogie Woogie Man" McBride gets the tag and a free shot at 1st Gen's James Anthony offered by Playa J-Money.

J-Money, Nick D and Will B. Smooth celebrate winnint the BCW Tag Titles. And yes, they ARE happy.

Manager Sean Cruise works over Chris "TNT" Taylor while Shane Martin converses with the ring official.

Taylor sends Martin over the top ropes to the floor.

Chris "TNT" Taylor hoists the brand new BCW North Carolina Championship!

"OMG" James Ryan offers the face of Nick Richards an introduction to the ring apron in singles action.

Richards sends Ryan tumbling as they continue to brawl on the floor.

Trevor Lee suplexes Otto Wrestling Machine to the canvas in singles action.

Otto drops a quick elbow on the prone Lee.

Brad Attitude's pin attempt over C.W. Anderson is disallowed by the referee.

The Hardcore Enforcer drags Attitude back to his feet on the floor in the back of the gym.

Chet Sterling cranks on the arm of All Star Roy Wilkins in singles action.

Sterling tries to keep Wilkins grounded and away from his golf swing.

The Dawson Brothers' Zane Dawson taunts "White" Mike as he works over the Gymnasty's Timmy Retton.

Gymnasty Boys' "White" Mike Jordan cranks on the wrist of Dave Dawson.

Dave Dawson connects boot with the chin of Jordan with an assist from brother Zane.

Chip Day goes to work challenging BCW Heavyweight Champ "Ace" Arik Royal in main event action.

Day drops to the floor after sidekicking Royal from the apron.

Royal tries to ground the dangerous Day.

Chip Day refuses to stay down and keeps coming back after Arik Royal.

Chip Day shows off the BCW Heavyweight Championship.

Photos by Randy Hedrick for the with a BIG THANK YOU to Andrew Cates for his photos!

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