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Benefit Championship Wreslting CAGE UP CANCER Raises $1630.00 to Battle Cancer In Burlington NC During A Sunday Matinee!

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Positive Attitude Youth Center

Burlington, NC


A house full of appreciative wrestling fans arrived for Benefit Championship Wrestling's first outing of 2017, a benefit for Relay for Life titled BCW CAGE UP CANCER. Eight matches were advertised, with four taking place inside of a steel cage.

George South was up first to take on fan-favorite Rob "Boogie Woogie Man" McBride in singles action. After an extensive rap battle with fans at ringside, South turned his ire toward McBride. The Boogie Woogie Man fought back from a disadvantage to take the victory by pinfall over the wily veteran.

"Pain Train" Preston Quinn returned to the BCW ring for a singles bout against "the 1st" Ric Converse. A hard-hitting entertaining battle ensued with the tide of battle flowing toward both competitors. Converse took the duke by pinfall after taking control late of the bout.

The AML Tag Team Champion Geordie Bulldogs, Mark and Sean Denny, were out next to defend their titles against the team of PWI International Ultra-J Crown Champion Chet Sterling and Smith Garrett. Garrett held his own against both of the Bulldogs, leaving Sterling on the ring apron for the majority of the bout. After numerous attempts and kick-outs, the Geordie Bulldogs finally pinned Garrett to retain their titles.

ROH standout Caprice Coleman was out next with his own introduction performance to take on "Ace" Arik Royal in singles action. Coleman started fast, seemingly confusing Royal early, but when the Ace caught up to Coleman's speed, he inserted his own advantage, his power. Caprice refused to be beaten and made a furious comeback, shocking Royal with a pinfall win.

After a brief intermission and the construction of the event's steel cage, CWF Mid Atlantic's Rising Generation League Champion (3 years or less ring experience) Cain Justice finds himself in the cage with world traveller CWF Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Trevor Lee. The steel didn't become a big factor in this bout as both men wrestled like they were in an open ring. Trevor Lee wins the bout by pinfall after a very game young Justice kept pulling counters out of thin air.

Nick Richards was introduced for the second steel cage match of the event and was attacked by opponent Donnie Dollar$ well before either were anywhere near the cage. Dollar$ beat Richards all over the arena, into the lobby and out of a side door before both men finally crawled through the cage door and the referee began the bout. Once inside of the steel cage, Richards' head seemed to clear and he turned on his offensive skillset, pinning his former tag partner in under five minutes.

The CWF Mid Atlantic Tag Team Champion Dawson Brothers, Zane and Dave, were out next to defend their titles inside the steel in a Texas Tornado rules title match against the Brutes' Mark James and Jimmy Parker. A brawl erupted inside of the cage and after a few minutes, Zane Dawson exited the cage to fetch something from under the ring. He re-enters, closes the cage door and quickly handcuffs Parker to the bottom rope! After several minutes of two-on-one, Parker got furious and actually ripped the handcuff's chain in half. He re-entered the battle, but it was a little too late as the Dawsons pulled off a pinfall win to retain their titles.

Benefit Championship Wrestling Heavyweight Champion Lee Valiant entered the cage next to defend his strap against ring veteran Xsiris. Valiant took control early and had Xsiris on the canvas several times in the first five minutes of the main event, with Xsiris catching his pace and countering Valiant's attacks and returning attacks of his own. Xsiris appeared ready to win the title at the ten minute mark but Valiant roared back to life and climbed the turnbuckles to try to pound Xsiris down and out of the match. Xsiris kept his wits about him and found an opening to finish off the popular Valiant with a convincing pinfall win to become the new Benefit Championship Wrestling Heavyweight Champion.

A special thanks to Jimmy Harris and Family for organizing this fun event and for everyone who supported it, whether by being a part of the roster, support crew, security or enjoying your Sunday afternoon in the crowd. BCW may return to action again later in 2017, IndyInsiders.Com will let you know when anything official is announced.

(Above) AML Tag Champions Geordie Bulldogs' Mark Denny runs to the refuge of his brother Sean Denny in AML Tag Team Title action at BCW CAGE UP CANCER at Burlington NC's Positive Attitude Youth Center.

Live from CAGE UP CANCER 2017!

Rob "Boogie Woogie Man" McBride cranks on the chin of George South in singles action.

South grabs a little extra leverage to take Boogie off of his feet.

South controls McBride from a standing position.

"Pain Train" Preston Quinn whips "the 1st" Ric Converse toward the corner in singles action.

Converse advances on Quinn after dropping him to the canvas.

Preston Quinn fights back with open hand chops across the chest of Ric Converse.

Smith Garrett locks up with AML Tag Champion Geordie Bulldogs' Sean Denny in tag title action.

Mark Denny cheers as brother Sean dropkicks Garrett from the top turnbuckles.

Smith Garrett refuses to be pinned. Again!

Caprice Coleman locks up with "Ace" Arik Royal in singles action.

Royal sets up a photo-op with Coleman on the canvas.

Coleman begins a series of kicks to the upper body of Royal.

Cain Justice and CWF Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Trevor Lee lock up inside of a steel cage.

Justice kicks the jaw of Lee as he tries to tie him up on the canvas.

Trevor Lee incapacitates CWF's Rising Generation League Champion with a hammerlock.

Donnie Dollar$ attacks Nick Richards before either man reaches the cage for their scheduled match.

Dollar$ softens up Richards in the lobby near the main entrance.

Dollar$ finally aims Richards towards the arena and the waiting steel cage.

The Brutes' Jimmy Parker and Mark James battle CWF Tag Team Champion Dawson Brothers in Texas Tornado Rules Title action inside of a steel cage.

Zane Dawson exits the cage to retrieve a hidden piece of hardware, police handcuffs!

The Brutes' Jimmy Parker is handcuffed to the bottom rope of the ring after Zane Dawson re-enters the cage.

BCW Heavyweight Champion Lee Valiant stands over challenger Xsiris after clobbering him.

Xsiris circles Valiant after regaining the upper hand in the bout.

Lee Valiant ascends the turnbuckles to get better leverage to beat on the challenger.

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