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Benefit Championship Wrestling Earns $1853.00 For Relay For Life AND Crowns A New Heavyweight Champion at CRUSHING CANCER!

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Positive Attitude Youth Center

Burlington, NC


With the support of wrestling fans AND great sponsors, Benefit Championship Wrestling pitched tent at the Positive Attitude Youth Center for BCW CRUSHING CANCER, a benefit for Relay For Life. Singles action kicked off the afternoon's matches with Donnie BitDon tangling with Frenchman Ulysse "OPA" Demos. Demos angered BitDon, BitDon turns and attacks both his opponent AND the referee, which was a mistake. Referee Teddy Ireland Jr. happens to be Demos' regular tag partner and they doubled up on the big BitDon and took him down for a pinfall win.

The Kamakazi Kid entered next to scrap with big Snooty Foxx in singles action. Kazi took a quick advantage in the bout but Foxx got a second wind and turned the tables on the masked man, winning with a convincing pinfall.

Three-way Tag Team Championship action hit the ring next as the BCW Tag Team Champions $outh$ide Playas' J-Money and Will B. Smooth were led to the ring by Nick D. The challengers entered, with Redemption's Nick Richards and Michael McAllister and then the team of Mike Mars and "Mini-Mars" James Johnson. A spirited and gritty fight ensued with the Playas retaining their tag titles with a pinfall win.

First Blood Rules action hit the building next with Sean Cruise trying to start his match against Tre-G with a surprise Pearl Harbor attack which backfired when Tre-G entered from the public entrance behind Cruise. Cruise's tag partner Steven Idol joined in and together made sure the referee saw Tre-G bleeding before seeing Cruise, giving Cruise the win.

"Pitbull" Steven Idol was introduced to challenge BCW NC Champion Chris "TNT" Taylor. In a crazy turn of events, Idol was awarded the title only to have his celebration interrupted by Tre-G, who showed the referee a double-team attack the referee missed before the three-cound on his phone, prompting the official to re-start the match. Taylor pinned Idol moments later and relieved the official of having to care for the BCW NC Title belt until May.

The Corporate Number Dad entered with Number Man to take on "Rampaging Beast" Aaron Biggs in singles action. The masked man's offense was mostly hit and miss (I didn't say 'hit OR miss' intentionally) and the popular Biggs squashed both his opponent and his second with a Double Thesz Press and an impressive demanded five count pinfall.

The Geordie Bulldogs' Sean and Mark Denny entered next for tag team action against the Gymnasty Boys' Timmy Lou Retton and "White" Mike. After a few tie-ups, a dance contest erupted before the regularly scheduled tag team bout continued. The Gymnastys took the duke by pinfall to a roar from the crowd.

Cain Justice hit the ring next to battle "OMG" James Ryan in singles action. A spirited hard-hitting fight erupted, with Ryan able to keep out of Justice's normal submission set-ups, but wasn't able to fight off the final three count, Justice over by pinfall.

The Dawson Brothers demanded (and recieved) not one, but three different ring entrances until they were satisfied with the crowd response. Opponents Brad Attitude and "Ace" Arik Royal followed suit and had some fun demanding their own different introductions before war broke out in the ring. Four of the hardest-hitting guys in the business went to it full tilt with the Dawson Brothers stealing the pinfall victory after all four men began to fight around the arena.

Billy Brash made his way to the ring to take on Ethan Case in main event BCW Heavyweight Title action for the vacant championship. A back-and-forth dance followed with Case evading many attacks of Brash and returning the favor with shots of his own. Case perservered and ended up with his hand raised by the official after being presented the BCW Heavyweight Title for his pinfall victory.

Benefit Championship Wrestling wishes to thank the fans and it's loyal sponsors for giving us the opportunity to do good for our community. All About Roofing and Willow Tree Muffler led the sponsorship charge, with strong support by Martha Moss & Rylan, Super Save Pawn, RJR Electric, Southern Events Unlimited, East 70 Service Station, Over Yonder Tavern, Mye Tavern, FA Jenkins Construction Co., Jamie Terry (Eastern Class of '95), Daniel Hill Mechanics and Terry's Towing & Garage. IndyInsiders applauds the efforts by everyone involved, it takes a team to win big!

Benefit Championship Wrestling returns to live action Sunday May 19th at 7:30pm at Burlington NC's Positive Attitude Youth Center to benefit our hosts, the Positive Attitude Youth Center!

(Above) New BCW Heavyweight Champion Ethan Case shows off his new bling along with referee Bobby Garner following the main event at BCW CRUSHING CANCER at Burlington NC's Positive Attitude Youth Center.


Ulysse "OPA" Demos attacks the wheels of Donnie BitDon in singles action.

The referee gets the break he ordered before joining in the match.

The masked Kamakazi Kid holds up singles opponent Snooty Foxx for a suplex.

Foxx awaits Kazi's return to consciousness.

Redemption's Nick Richards ties up the arm of Mike Mars in three-way BCW Tag Team Title action.

BCW Tag Team Champion $outh$ide Playa J-Money gives Redemption's Michael McAllister the business in the ropes.

Tre-G lurks after Sean Cruise is turned away in First Blood Rules action.

Cruise goes back to the face of Tre-G on the floor at ringside.

BCW North Carolina Champion Chris "TNT" Taylor backs up "Pitbull" Steven Idol into the ropes in NC Championship action.

The Pitbull suplexes TNT hard to the canvas.

Corporate Number Dad clotheslines "Rampaging Beast" Aaron Biggs with absolutely no effect in singles action.

Corporate Number Dad suffers a sudden attack of vertigo.

Geordie Bulldogs' Sean Denny whips Gymnasty Boys "White" Mike across the ring in tag team action.

Mark Denny and Timmy Lou Retton get busy in the center of the ring.

Cain Justice and "OMG" James Ryan lock up in singles action.

Ryan retreats from the grip of Justice.

Brad Attitude clobbers the Dawson Brothers' Dave Dawson in tag team action.

"Ace" Arik Royal ties up Zane Dawson on the canvas.

Billy Brash cranks on the skull of Ethan Case in main event action for the vacant BCW Heavyweight Championship.

Case and Brash resume battle in the center of the ring.

Ethan Case displays the BCW Heavyweight Title belt after winning it by pinfall.

Those #Neckbone Guys!

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