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Benefit Championship Wrestling CRUSHING CANCER!

Saturday November 10th, 2018
Positive Attitude Youth Center
Burlington NC

Official Event Results

1. Ulysse "OPA" Demos defeated Donnie BitDon w/Khan O'Kelly by pinfall in singles action (6:47)

2. Snooty Foxx defeated Kamakazi Kid by pinfall in singles action (12:11)

3. BCW Tag Team Champions $outh$ide Playas' J-Money & Will B. Smooth w/Nick D defeated Redemption's Nick Richards & Michael McAllister and Mike Mars & James Johnson by pinfall to retain the titles (11:13)

4. Sean Cruise defeated Tre G in First Blood Rules action (7:09)

5. BCW North Carolina Champion Chris "TNT" Taylor defeated "Pitbull" Steven Idol by pinfall to retain the title (10:08)

6. "Rampaging Beast" Aaron Biggs defeated the Corporate Number Dad w/Number Man by pinfall in singles action (6:15)

7. The Gymnasty Boys' "White" Mike & Timmy Lou Retton defeated the Geordie Bulldogs' Sean and Mark Denny by pinfall in tag team action (8:52)

8. Cain Justice defeated "OMG" James Ryan by pinfall in singles action (10:40)

9. The Dawson Brothers' Zane & Dave Dawson defeated Brad Attitude & "Ace" Arik Royal by pinfall in tag team action (13:12)

10. Ethan Case defeated Billy Brash by pinfall to win the vacant BCW Heavyweight Championship (9:07)

Officials: Bobby Garner, Redd Jones & "TKO" Teddy Ireland, Jr.


Ulysse "OPA" Demos attacks the wheels of Donnie BitDon in singles action.

The referee gets the break he ordered before joining in the match.

The masked Kamakazi Kid holds up singles opponent Snooty Foxx for a suplex.

Foxx awaits Kazi's return to consciousness.

Redemption's Nick Richards ties up the arm of Mike Mars in three-way BCW Tag Team Title action.

BCW Tag Team Champion $outh$ide Playa J-Money gives Redemption's Michael McAllister the business in the ropes.

Tre-G lurks after Sean Cruise is turned away in First Blood Rules action.

Cruise goes back to the face of Tre-G on the floor at ringside.

BCW North Carolina Champion Chris "TNT" Taylor backs up "Pitbull" Steven Idol into the ropes in NC Championship action.

The Pitbull suplexes TNT hard to the canvas.

Corporate Number Dad clotheslines "Rampaging Beast" Aaron Biggs with absolutely no effect in singles action.

Corporate Number Dad suffers a sudden attack of vertigo.

Geordie Bulldogs' Sean Denny whips Gymnasty Boys "White" Mike across the ring in tag team action.

Mark Denny and Timmy Lou Retton get busy in the center of the ring.

Cain Justice and "OMG" James Ryan lock up in singles action.

Ryan retreats from the grip of Justice.

Brad Attitude clobbers the Dawson Brothers' Dave Dawson in tag team action.

"Ace" Arik Royal ties up Zane Dawson on the canvas.

Billy Brash cranks on the skull of Ethan Case in main event action for the vacant BCW Heavyweight Championship.

Case and Brash resume battle in the center of the ring.

Ethan Case displays the BCW Heavyweight Title belt after winning it by pinfall.

Those #Neckbone Guys!

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