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Benefit Championship Wrestling Raises $1,814.00 For Relay For Life In A Wild Sunday Afternoon Matinee in Burlington NC!

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Positive Attitude Youth Center

Burlington, NC


Ron Anderson began the afternoon's festivities with his wonderful performance of the National Anthem.

Beastly Brody took on Chris "TNT" Taylor in opening match singles action, setting the pace for a hard-hitting afternoon of pro wrestling action. Taylor took the duke to a roar from the fans.

Veteran Tre-G returned to the ring to take on So Time's Snooty Foxx in one-on-one action. Despite his ringside second continually interfering, Snooty Foxx took down the veteran for a pinfall win. The official then discovered brass knuckles in the tights of Foxx, reversing his decision giving Tre-G the win.

Mid Atlantic Outlaws' Matt Houston was out next to take on WWE Hall of Famer Ricky Morton in singles action. Morton, who seemed especially anxious to speak to the fans, turned his attention to Houston and made the match nearly unbearable for him before winning by pinfall.

The Dawson Brothers Zane and Dave Dawson were out next to take on the fan-favorite Ugly Ducklings' Rob Killjoy and Lance Lude w/Coach Mikey. A wild quacking battle broke out and the Ducks found themselves ending up with a surprising pinfall win over the hard-as-nails Dawsons.

Three-way singles action was up next pitting "Revolutionary" Darius Lockhart against Nick Richards and Cain Justice. In a strange series of attacks Cain Justice somehow managed to sneak out with a win against his two more seasoned opponents.

CWF Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Trevor Lee was out next to take on one half of the GymNasty Boys, "White" Mike Jordan in non-title singles action. In an entertaining battle, Trevor Lee finally took control late in the match and forced "White" Mike to submit.

The Brute's Mark James was introduced next to take on PWI International Heavyweight Champion C.W. Anderson in non-title singles action. The Brute went toe-to-toe with the Rottweiler and they nearly tore the ring down. Anderson had his hand raised after a pinfall win, leaving James' wrestling calendar blank after months of contemplating his retirement from the ring.

"Southern Saviour" John Skyler, Tracer X, Chet Sterling and "Ace" Arik Royal were introduced for a special four-way elimination battle for the vacant BCW Heavyweight Championship. The popular Tracer X was eliminated first, followed by Skyler, the hands-on favorite to win the title. The Ace held up his end of the match and put eliminated Chet Sterling by pinfall to become the new BCW Champion.

Extreme Horseman Damien Wayne was out for the main event career-vs-career battle against former BCW Champion Lee Valiant. Both men left it all on the canvas, blood sweat and more in a harshly physical battle for their chosen livelihood. Tears flowed when the bell sounded and the often controversial Lee Valiant's career came to an end.

The biggest headling from BCW TAP OUT CANCER is that we raised $1,814.00 for Relay For Life!

Look for BCW to return sometime in the spring of 2018. IndyInsiders will report any future dates!

(Above) Damien Wayne looks for a tag in main event career-vs-career action against Lee Valiant at Benefit Championship Wreslting TAP OUT CANCER at Burlington NC's Positive Attitude Youth Center.

Beastly Brody introduces the face of Chris "TNT" Taylor to the corner turnbuckles in singles action.

Snooty Foxx powers over veteran Tre-G in singles action.

WWE Hall of Famer Ricky Morton attacks the fingers of Mid Atlantic Outlaw Matt Houston in singles action.

Dawson Brothers' Dave Dawson snatches Ugly Duckling Rob Killjoy off of the canvas in tag team action.

Zane Dawson catches high-flying Duck Lance Lude before he can land!

Darius Lockhart has a revolutionary thought and watches as the other two competitors in the three-way singles bout battle in the ring.

Nick Richards and Cain Justice exchange chops in the center of the ring.

CWF Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Trevor Lee tortures "White" Mike Jordan on the canvas in non-title singles action.

"Brute" Mark James connects to the face of PWI International Heavyweight Champion C.W. Anderson in non-title singles action.

Chet Sterling points the face of "Southern Saviour" John Skyler toward the steel ring post in four-way elimination BCW Heavyweight Championship action.

Damien Wayne measures Lee Valiant for a beating in career-vs-career main event action.

Wayne leaves Valiant hung out to dry on the corner turnbuckles late in the match.

Damien Wayne finds himself busted open against resilient Lee Valiant with everything on the line.

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Live from CAGE UP CANCER 2017!

Chris "TNT" Taylor sends Beastly Brody out of the corner in singles action.

The Beastly One decides to introduce the face of TNT to the turnbuckles.

Snooty Foxx tosses veteran Tre-G to the canvas in singles action.

Foxx floors Tre-G with a boot.

WWF HOFer Ricky Morton prepares to assault the fingers of singles opponent Matt Houston.

Houston's day just went to "SHUCKS!" after Morton snapped a finger.

Ugly Duckling Rob Killjoy drops in on Zane Dawson in tag team action.

Dave Dawson manhandles Killjoy on the canvas.

Zane Dawson catches flying Ugly Duckling Lance Lude as he drops in for a visit.

Lude catches Dave Dawson in the midsection with a boot.

"Revolutionary" Darius Lockhart flips over the top ropes onto Nick Richards and Cain Justice on the floor in three-way singles action.

Lockhart paces the floor as Justice and Richards battle in the ring.

Justice and Richards exchange chops.

"White" Mike Jordan asks for a time out from referee Kevin Pierce after tangling with Trevor Lee in singles action.

CWF Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Trevor Lee ties up the legs of "White" Mike.

Lee torments "White" Mike on the canvas.

"Brute" Mark James cranks on the skull of PWI International Heavyweight Champion C.W. Anderson in non-title singles action.

James connects and sends the Rottweiler reeling.

C.W. Anderson plants the Brute into the canvas with authority.

Tracer X flies over the top ropes onto "Southern Saviour" John Skyler in four-way elimination BCW Heavyweight Title action.

Chet Sterling introduces the face of Skyler to the ringpost.

Skyler piles on as "Ace" Arik Royal attempts to eliminate Tracer X by pinfall.

All Star Arik Royal exits the ring with his newest fashion accessory, the BCW Heavyweight Title strap.

Extreme Horseman Damien Wayne tries to pin Lee Valiant in main event career-vs-career action.

Valiant finds himself on his back and bloody early in the bout.

D.W. turns on the offense and starts punishing Valiant.

Wayne leaves Valiant draped over the top corner turnbuckles after cutting off his last-gasp attempt to take out the Horseman.

Damien Wayne finds himself bathed in his own blood moments later.

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