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Lee Valiant Survives And Retains BCW Title Against Damien Wayne at SHOWDOWN IN B-TOWN!

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Positive Attitude Youth Center

Burlington NC


Benefit Championship Wrestling's SHOWDOWN IN B-TOWN kicked off with a hot tag match pitting Trevor Lee & Andrew Everett against John Skyler & "Ace" Arik Royal. In a fast-paced bout of leverage, speed and angle of attack Trevor Lee & Andrew Everett won by pinfall.

Po-Po The Clown was out next to take on Nemisis. In a bizarre exhibition of pro wrestling, Po-Po cuffed Nemisis and threw him in the back of the squad car by pinfall.

Tag action was up next with Donnie Dollar$ & Aric Andrews taking on Asaafi & Ooga Booga w/J.R. Jackson. The overwhelming size of Asaafi and the appetite of Ouga, Jackson was able to exit the arena along side of his winning team.

PWI International Heavyweight Champion Ric Converse was out next to take on PWI International Ultra-J Crown Champion Chet Sterling in singles action. As the match got hot near the thirteen minute point, C.W. Anderson & Preston Quinn interrupted the match, causing the referee to stop the bout and security keeping the parties apart.

Booker Mark James hit the ring and challenged the Extreme Horsemen to wrestle the Brutes and the bell was soon rang for an actual tag bout. Jimmy Parker & Mark James exited with their hands raised after a brutal battle between the ropes.

Zane Riley was out next to take on "White" Mike Jordan in Falls Count Anywhere action. In a most unusual demonstration of professional wrestling, Jordan survived and defeated Riley by pinfall.

Nick D led the $outh$ide Playa's J-Money & Will B. Smooth to the ring to challenge BCW Tag Champions F1rst Generation's Vic Andrews & James Anthony for the belts. F1rst Generation survived a gang war to retain the titles by pinfall.

Three-way singles action was up next with the introductions of Smith Garrett, Caleb Konley & Nick Richards. A strange but fluid battle ensued with accidental double-teams and some vicious blows landed, survived by Nick Richards, who wins by pinfall.

Damien Wayne enters to challenge BCW Heavyweight Champion Lee Valiant in the SHOWDOWN IN B-TOWN No DQ main event and a brawl erupts. Taking advantage of the No DQ stipulation, Wayne went to war against Valiant and attacked him in waves in the ring and on the floor at ringside. Valiant at one point was hanging upside down in the hands of Wayne who happened to be standing on the corner turnbuckles. Both competitors ended up busted open and continued to fight each other beyond what most would withstand, and surprisingly the champion Lee Valiant was able to catch Damien Wayne in the right place for three seconds to retain his title.

(Above) Challenger Damien Wayne rips away at the face of bloody BCW Heavyweight Champion Lee Valiant in No DQ Main Event Title action at BCW SHOWDOWN IN B-TOWN at Burlington NC's Positive Attitude Youth Center.


Trevor Lee powers up John Skyler in tag team action.

Andrew Everett takes a turn at working over the shoulder of Skyler on the canvas.

Trevor Lee cranks on the digits of "Ace" Arik Royal.

Po-Po the Clown mesmerizes Nemisis.

Po-Po leads Nemisis in a dance competition he cannot win.

Asaafi awaits Aric Andrews return to his feet in tag team action.

Ooga Booga takes a taste of the top ring rope.

Asaafi cranks on the chin of Donnie Dollar$.

PWI International Heavyweight Champion Ric Converse clamps down on the arm of PWI International Ultra-J Crown Champion Chet Sterling in singles action.

Converse assumes control of the situation.

The Brutes' Mark James drops an elbow on the Hardcore Enforcer C.W. Anderson in impromptu tag action.

Extreme Horsement Preston Quinn and C.W. Anderson regroup in their corner.

The Brutes' Jimmy Parker manhandles Preston Quinn.

Zane Riley cinches up on "White" Mike Jordan from behind in singles action.

Jordan surprises himself at his own wrestling prowess against Riley.

F1rst Gen's James Anthony awaits his turn at challenger J-Money after tag partner Vic Andrews dropped him to the canvas in BCW Tag Title action.

Anthony meets $Outh$ide Playa J-Money at the ring ropes.

Playa Will B. Smooth drives home a point with James Anthony on the floor at ringside.

Smith Garrett and Nick Richards double up on Caleb Konley in three-way singles action.

Konley reacts to a blistering chop from Smith Garrett.

Challenger Damien Wayne works over BCW Heavyweight Champion Lee Valiant in No DQ Title action.

Wayne lifts Valiant for a suplex.

Damien Wayne holds the life and livelyhood of Lee Valiant in his hands at this precise moment.

The look of pain across the face of the badass as he makes contact with the steel turnbuckles.

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