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Foxx Retains PWI Central Carolinas Championship; "Cowboy" Kool Jay Retains RGL Championship & Biggs/Mars Upset Tag Champions In Non-Title Action At CWF ILL STREET BLUES!

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Hargraves Community Center

Chapel Hill, NC


CWF Mid-Atlantic hit the Hargraves Community Center in Chapel Hill with a big card for CWF ILL STREET BLUES, which kicked off with "Cowboy" Kool Jay defending the CWF Rising Generation League Championship against newcomer TGA Moss. Moss is a no-nonsense wrestler with an intensity all about winning, regardless of how the work is done. TGL Moss put a whipping on the CWF Sheriff early on, moving forward in control. Kool Jay hit his stride and turned the tables, retaining his title in under ten minutes over the impressive newcomer.

The masked rookie Number Braaah hit the ring next to square off against Steam Punk Myzerly in a singles tilt. A clash of cultures resulted with the carefree masked "Pride of Pacific Palasades" battling the workman-like pace of Myzerly. Number Braaah stayed on the board for the whole ride, only tipping off for a three count with the Steam Punk getting the duke.

Tag team action hit the ring next with Corruption's Ethan Sharpe and Bellamy Koga, complete with Dirty Daddy, taking on "TKO" Teddy Ireland Jr. and Adrian "Action" Jackson. The high-energy young team of Ireland and Jackson took it to the Corruption crowd, drawing Dirty Daddy into the fray whenever the referee's back was turned. The young team displayed some great teamwork but the veteran Corruption team used a numbers advantage and sealed the deal with a pinfall win.

Victor Andrews entered next and stared down the entire town of Chapel Hill while awaiting the entrance of his singles opponent, Cain Justice. In a display of pure confidence, Justice rolled out of the ring and sat with a young fan for a few moments before re-joining the match. Andrews was not impressed and tried to initiate a major breakdown for Justice with surgical strikes and some pointed offense, but Justice retained the lessons taught at the CWF Dojo and used his knowledge to resume control of the match and defeat the impressive Andrews by pinfall.

Coach Gemini led out All Star "Ace" Arik Royal and Aric Andrews for tag team action against former champions Redemption's Michael McAllister and Nick Richards. After the initial lockup, the All Star Coach demanded the match continue under All Star Rules, allowing HIM to be tagged in as a regular competitor for his team. Redemption agreed and went to work on the short end of a handicap situation. The masters of the numbers advantage went to work taking apart Redemption with the Coach tagging in and contributing for his team. In the long run, however, the Coach became a liability for his team allowing Redemption to regain control of the match and take home a big pinfall win looking at the future of the CWF Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Titles.

CWF Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions Donald J. BitDon and Otto Schwanz along with Marketing Director Khan O'Kelly entered to take on CWF Worldwide Television Champion "Rampaging Beast" Aaron Biggs and Mike Mars in non-title tag team action. A literal "hoss fight" erupted as four of the biggest men in CWF went to war. The fight spilled onto the floor and the ringposts became weapons, as well as the actual ring itself. When the smoke cleared, the Donald was still complaining and wincing in pain after Biggs and Mars positioned themselves for a title shot with a pinfall win over the champions.

Corruption's Dirty Daddy was introduced for the main event and was joined by both partner Ethan A. Sharpe and Bellamy Koga at ringside for his challenge for Snooty Foxx's PWI Central Carolinas Championship. Special Guest Enforcer Referee, rapper Swift, was introduced and patrolled the floor at ringside as CWF Senior Official Charles Richardson ran things in-ring for the night's main event. Snooty Foxx entered to a HUGE roar from his home-town fans and was ready to go the moment he entered and eager to begin combat. Foxx took control of the match and began having his way with Dirty Daddy before Ethan Sharpe attacked referee Charles Richardson, who was attempting to get the match back into the ring.

Enforcer referee Swift stepped up and was confronted, of all people, by Ethan A. Sharpe. Swift never flinched, taking Sharpe out of the equation as Foxx removed Koga from the ring and planted Dirty Daddy face-first into the canvas and rolled him up for the pin. When the bell rang the ring filled with children ready to celebrate their hometown hero's victory and Foxx immediately began to focus on his next challenge.

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(Above) PWI Central Carolinas Champion Snooty Foxx catches his breath after defeating Dirty Daddy in main event title action at CWF ILL STREET BLUES at Chapel Hill NC's Hargraves Community Center.


TGA Moss sounds off to the fans at ringsisde as he challenges CWF Rising Generation League Champion "Cowboy" Kool Jay for the title.

Moss makes a quick introduction standing on the chest of Kool Jay in the ropes.

TGA Moss gives Kool Jay a hand in getting off of the canvas.

The Sheriff drives an elbow into the chin of Moss on the turnbuckles, turning the match momentum.

"The Pride of the Pacific Papasades" Number Braaah makes his debut in Chapel Hill for singles action.

Steam Punk Myzery isn't amused by his masked opponent.

Myzery goes for a quick win over the rookie grappler.

Number Braaah drives a shoulder into the midsection of the Steam Punk in the turnbuckles.

"TKO" Teddy Ireland Jr. ties up with Corruption's Ethan Alexander Sharpe in tag team action.

Bellamy Koga shows TKO another knock out method up close.

Sharpe works over rookie Adrian "Action" Jackson on the ropes.

Koga manhandles Jackson and stops him getting to his corner for a tag.

Cain Justice takes a moment to get to know a fan at ringside after his singles bout has began.

Justice stands on one hand of Victor Andrews while bending the other hand.

Cain Justice pulls on the arm of Andrews over the top rope.

"Mr. Everything" Victor Andrews hoists Justice up across his shoulders.

Redemption's Nick Richards attacks the "wheels" of All Star "Ace" Arik Royal in tag team action.

Coach Gemini demands the match be wrestled under "All Star Rules" meaning he can tag into the match for his team.

Richards exposes the ribs of Royal for Michael McAllister to give a little attention to.

Nick Richards cranks on the arm of Aric Andrews on the canvas.

The Ace exposes Richards' midsection for a free throw from Coach Gemini.

Arik Royal leg drops Redemption's McAllister to the canvas.

Coach Gemini attempts to set up McAllister for the banned piledriver.

Swift rocks the intermission with an unexpected live performance!

"Rampaging Beast" Aaron Biggs and Donald J. BitDon use a steel ringpost as a weapon on the floor in non-title tag team action.

The CWF Worldwide Television Champion has had enough of BitDon Corporation's Director of Marketing Khan O'Kelly.

Mike Mars circles around for another assault on CWF Mid-Atlantic Tag Team champion Otto Schwanz in the corner.

Mars delivers a double-hand chop to the chest of the Donald in the turnbuckles.

Otto Schwanz delivers a clubbing blow to the back of Mike Mars.

Donald J. BitDon makes a point with the referee as the Wrestling Machine makes a point with Mike Mars.

Snooty Foxx works over Corruption's Dirty Daddy on the floor at ringside in defense of the PWI Central Carolinas Championship.

Ethan Sharpe instructs Dirty Daddy to return Snooty Foxx to the ring.

Foxx is feeling it after running Sharpe and Dirty Daddy together on the floor.

Snooty Foxx starts to dismantle Dirty Daddy.

Foxx drives a knee into Dirty's midsection in the corner turnbuckles.

Ethan Sharpe attacks referee Charles Richardson after pulling him from the ring to prevent him from making a three count.

With referee Charles Richardson down Special Guest Enforcer Referee Swift steps in to return order to the match.

Snooty Foxx clears the ring of Bellamy Koga, a possible Corruption member-in-waiting.

The ring fills with children as Snooty Foxx is awarded his PWI Central Carolinas Championship belt.

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