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Corruption Attacks Early And Often To Defeat CWF Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions Redemption At CWF OH WHAT A SUMMER!

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Mid Atlantic Sportatorium

1001 Springwood Ave.

Gibsonville, NC


Corruption's Ethan A. Sharpe and Cain Justice ran in and attacked CWF Mid-Atlantic Tag Team champions Redemption's Michael McAllister and Nick Richards during the special Twitch Pre-Show event, forcing the remainder of the pre-show program to be pre-empted.

Second round 2018 Johnny Weaver Memorial Tournament action kicked off CWF OH WHAT A SUMMER with big Snooty Foxx squaring off against cagey veteran "Southern Savior" John Skyler. The Southern Savior started strong and fast, confounding the powerful Foxx, eventually sending him to the canvas in pain. Foxx refused to quit, kept coming back and mounted a furious comeback only to be thwarted in the end with Skyler staying alive in the Weaver Cup Tournament with a pinfall win.

Three-way one fall tag team action was introduced with Otto Wrestling Machine and Donnie BitDon taking on Los Chicanos and the team of "Rampaging Beast" Aaron Biggs & PWI International Ultra-J Crown Champion Cam Carter. A slobberknocker erupted between Otto/Donnie and Biggs/Carter until Los Chicanos decided they had sat on the sidelines long enough and joined the fray. After nearly a quarter hour of battle, the Rampaging Beast and the Skywalker left with their hands raised after a pinfall victory.

Aric Andrews entered next to take on Chet Sterling in singles grudge action. Andrews took stock of Sterling early in the bout and then kicked into overdrive when he began seeing results in his attacks on his opponent. Sterling was on the verge of collapse but caught his breath long enough to turn the match 180 degrees and win by pinfall.

Second round 2018 Johnny Weaver Memorial Tournament action continued with the introduction of the only two-time Weaver Cup Champion in history All Star "Ace" Arik Royal and his opponent CWF Rising Generation League Champion "Cowboy" Kool Jay. Royal taunted Kool Jay early over the difference in their size, having a laugh at the smaller man's stature until the Cowboy turned on the afterburners and went on the offense after withstanding a brutal beating. Like the virtual David, "Cowboy" Kool Jay pulled off a major upset, pinning Royal cleanly in the center of the ring to remain alive in the 2018 Weaver Tournament.

Bellamy Koga returned to the ring to take on big Mike Mars in singles action. Koga, who has shown marked improvement in recent months, stepped up and went toe-to-toe with one of the current "monsters of the midway" in the Mid-Atlantic area. Mars actually found himself backing up for a moment before he turned the tide of the match with a single clothesline that turned big Koga inside out. Mike Mars took a quick pinfall win over impressive Bellamy Koga and turned to find All Star Roy Wilkins entering the ring with a mic.

Wilkins made Mars an offer he couldn't refuse, offering him a roster spot with the All Stars. Upon refusal, the All Stars attacked Mike Mars three on one until "Rampaging Beast" Aaron Biggs ran in to even the score. Biggs and Mars sent the All Stars running out of the arena and finally turned to each other and shook hands. Tag team wrestling in the Mid-Atlantic area may not have felt this kind of buzz in a long time should they team up in earnest.

Using a random drawing, All Star Mace Li was chosen to take on CWF Double Crown Champion Trevor Lee who was contracted to defend his CWF Worldwide Television Championship. Li stepped through the ropes into a tornado, but did get his shots in between moments of torment and pain inflicted by the dual champion. The traditional ten minute television championship time limit was not a factor with Trevor Lee pinning Mace Li in under eight minutes to secure the title.

Main event introductions saw challengers Corruption's Cain Justice and Ethan A. Sharpe enter and then attacked CWF Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions Redemption's Nick Richards and Michael McAllister before they could get through the ring ropes. Several minutes of fist-fighting ensued on the floor before two men got into the ring triggering the referee to begin the match in earnest. Minutes into the match, champion Nick Richards was obviously favoring an injured wing and Corruption singled him out and tortured him relentlessly. After long minutes of being beat upon, Richards legally tagged in McAllister who came in and roared through both members of Corruption like a force of nature. Being in tag team mode, however, a quick tag to bring Richards back into the bout was the beginning of the end with an unexpected title change taking place after a pinfall win.

CWF Mid Atlantic returns to live action Saturday August 11th at 7:30pm at Gibsonville NC's Mid Atlantic Sportatorium for a full card of hard-hitting pro wrestling action! Tickets now at!

(Above) Corruption's Ethan Sharpe continues to punish the injured arm of CWF Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions Redemption's Nick Richards in main event tag title action at CWF OH WHAT A SUMMER at Gibsonville NC's Mid Atlantic Sportatorium.


"Southern Savior" John Skyler clobbers Snooty Foxx in second-round 2018 Johnny Weaver Memorial Tournament action to kick off CWF OH WHAT A SUMMER!

Skyler blisters the chest of Foxx with an open-hand chop.

John Skyler appears to be enjoying his work as he torments Snooty Foxx on the canvas.

Snooty Foxx connects a flying back elbow to the face of the Southern Savior.

"Rampaging Beast" Aaron Biggs powers up Otto Wrestling Machine for a slam to the canvas in three-way one fall tag team action.

Otto begins to twist and turn PWI International Ultra-J Crown Champion Cam Carter on the canvas.

Biggs watches from the ring as his parter Carter flips over the top ropes onto both Los Chicanos and Donnie BitDon on the concrete floor below.

The Rampaging Beast wipes out Original Cholo Numero Dos Jon Castro with a clothesline.

Chet Sterling cranks on the chin of Aric Andrews in grudge singles action.

The referee's hand is falling for the three count as Chet Sterling kicks out of an Andrews pin attempt.

Aric Andrews measures Sterling for his next feat of pain.

Andrews swings and connects with the chin of Chet Sterling.

Two-time Weaver Cup Champion Arik "Ace" Royal swats away "Cowboy" Kool Jay in second-round 2018 Johnny Weaver Memorial Tournament action.

The Cowboy takes the Ace for a ride using centrifical force.

Arik Royal returns to the direct approach, smashing Kool Jay's face into the turnbuckle directly.

"Cowboy" Kool Jay lies crumpled at the feet of "Ace" Arik Royal. Royal's mistake here is letting him breathe.

Bellamy Koga tries to duck under the swat of Mike Mars in singles action.

Koga grasps the wrist of Mars looking for a means to take him to the canvas.

Mars stumbles backwards at the onslaught of Koga.

Onslaught deleted by a Mike Mars clothesline!

All Star Roy Wilkins appears to ask Mike Mars to fill a roster position with the All Stars. Mars politely declined, leading to an All Star Attack.

Mike Mars turns to exit the arena after "Rampaging Beast" Aaron Biggs helps him out with the All Stars, and finally shakes Biggs hand!

Challenger Mace Li finds out about the direct approach to the art of wrestling CWF Double Crown Champion Trevor Lee uses in TV title action.

The All Star lead-off hitter Mace Li swings for the fences and connects.

Li gets Lee to the canvas but struggles to do something with him once there.

The willpower of Trevor Lee kicks in totally taking away whatever momentum Mace Li believed to have built.

Corruption's Cain Justice crows in satisfaction at the realization that CWF Mid-Atlantic Tag Champions Redemption's Nick Richards was indeed injured early in the main event tag title bout.

Richards, while limited to one arm, still caught Corruption's Ethan Alexander Sharpe in the gut with a right.

Justice continues to strain and work the injured arm of Nick Richards on the canvas.

Redemption's Michael "the Fury" McAllister enters and drops Justice on the back of his head.

This is Ethan Sharpe a split-second after being punched in the mouth by McAllister.

Michael McAllister suplexes Cain Justice from the second rope late in the match.

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CWF Mid Atlantic returns to live action on Saturday August 11th at Gibsonville NC's Mid Atlantic Sportatorium for a full card of skull crushing wrestling action! Purchase your seats NOW at CWFTickets.COM!

Directions to the Mid Atlantic Sportatorium

(From Greensboro) Exit Interstate 40/85 on exit 138, making a left turn at the end of the exit onto Highway 61. At the signal, turn right onto Highway 70. Make a left turn at the signal at Springwood Church Road, which turns into Springwood Ave. The Mid Atlantic Sportatorium is located on the right hand side of Springwood about a mile from Highway 70.

Or GPS us at: 1001 Springwood Ave. #15 Gibsonville NC

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