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CWF INVINCIBLE Features Four Huge Title Bouts and Challenges Leading Toward CWF ULTIMATE SURVIVOR XVII and "the Grand-Daddy" CWF BATTLECADE XX!

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Mid-Atlantic Sportatorium

Gibsonville, NC


After a rare live television do-over, commentators Chris Riddle and Brian Morris were introduced and the first match made it's way to the ring to kick off CWF INVINCIBLE at the Mid-Atlantic Sportatorium.

Isaiah Frazier was introduced for singles action and discovered the "Rampaging Beast" Aaron Biggs breathing down his neck even before the bell sounded. Newcomer Frazier was a bit tentative at first before figuring out a means to inflict a little pain on the much larger Biggs. The impressive Isaiah Frazier took the momentum and made it his own minutes into the bout much to the surprise of everyone in the Sportatorium. Then something touched a nerve, fired an impulse perhaps, inside of Biggs and he regained control with a roar and pinned Frazier for the win.

The All Stars were out next, Coach Gemini and Jarry Caray with RGL Champion TGA Moss and Jamal the Titan. Coach informed the fans that he has initiated Jamal the Titan into the All Stars and that business was looking up when LaBron Kozone entered the ring and warned his friend Moss about the history of abuse by the All Stars to even top talent like Roy Wilkins. TGA Moss and the Titan took exception and attacked Kozone, who was then helped out by Michael "the Fury" McAllister and Adrian "Action" Jackson. As the smoke cleared, PWI President William L. Cross ordered a six-man contest between the All Stars, including Coach Gemini, against Kozone, McAllister and Jackson.

The six-man began hot with LaBron Kozone holding court against both Moss and Jamal before letting his partners into the match. Five wrestlers competed against each other as the sixth took a seat at the commentary table for live in-match commentary. With about eleven minutes gone in the match Coach Gemini returned to the All Stars corner, waiting until one of the opponents was flat on his back before asking for a tag. Coach tagged in got the pinfall in the record book for this six-man tag.

Newcomer Mikey Banker was out next to take on PWI Central Carolinas Champion Snooty Foxx with the belt on the line. Banker took a few moments to get his bearings and then began returning fire to the Carolinas Champion, keeping the balance hanging by a thread between the two. With a technically sound outing, Banker also impressed the fans with his abilities in the ring and on the ropes before Snooty Foxx ended his challenge by a pinfall to retain the title.

The Corruptor Ethan A. Sharpe was out next to defend the CWF Worldwide Television Championship against the masked Number Braaah. Sharpe arrived to the ring with CWF Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions Corruption's Dirty Daddy and Killa Koga in tow, making the match a three-on-one affair behind the ring official's back. Number Braaah started out hot, hung ten and got big air, relegating the champion to the canvas for much of the match. The odds changed with a little help from Sharpe's friends and the Corruptor actually retained the title by a pinfall win against the game Number Braaah. After Corruption left the arena, Corporate Number Dad entered and grabbed a house mic. He got into the ring and told his son that tonight was a life lesson about how people will treat you if you let them and suggested he "grow up", ending by breaking his son's boogie board in half to make his point.

Following intermission, a special live performance by pop star Ella Ivey was introduced. Ivey entered with security and began "singing" one of her Grammy-nominated hits and the crowd rejected her loudly. In a fit of rage, the BitDon International recording artist melted down asking for a house mic to berate the fans for not knowing anything about music. Percy Prescott entered the arena with a house mic and attempted to approach Ivey in the ring, but was blocked by security. He told her to do us all a favor and exit tha arena, causing even more distress in the singer.

BitDon CEO Donald J. BitDon, Public Relations Director Nicholas K. Richards and Khan O'Kelly entered for tag team action against Sheriff "Cowboy" Kool Jay and "Deputy TKO" Teddy Ireland Jr. In a back and forth physical confrontation, the match went back and forth between the teams before a mysterious masked figure once again entered and stood next to the commentary table as the match unfolded. As the action got hot and heavy, the masked man ran around the ring and engaged with Sheriff Kool Jay, eventually fighting out of the fire exit door into the parking lot as his isolated partner was pinned for the match win.

CWF Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions Corruption's Killa Koga and Dirty Daddy entered with CWF Worldwide Television Champion Ethan A. Sharpe to take on the young tag team Friendly Fire's BeeBop and Jamal Hewens with the gold on the line. Hewens started for his team and irritated Killa Koga with his laughter and fun attitude who eventually tagged in partner BeeBop who found himself across the ring from the "body man" Dirty Daddy. BeeBop displayed some hot footwork and eventually found himself cut off from making a tag. The Corruption machine tagged in and out like clockwork with Sharpe occassionally getting the referee's ear and eye allowing a little extra from his tag team champions behind the official's eye. Corruption wins by pinfall to retain their titles as the fans in the Sportatorium let Friendly Fire know they would like to see them return to the Sportatorium in the near future.

After some announcements about CWF ULTIMATE SURVIVOR XVII by PWI President William L. Cross, the main event was introduced. Jarry Caray introduced the All Stars' CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion "Ace" Arik Royal with Coach Gemini at his side and challenger "the Smoothest Skywalker" Cam Carter made his way to the ring for a shot at history. The two went at it, testing each other's limits, strengths and eventually temper in some cases in a match between two strong-willed young competitors. Fans witnessed a match between two of the top indy stars on the east coast today and got their money's worth as the two fought for well over twenty-five minutes before Royal finished the deal with a pinfall win after a few interruptions by Coach Gemini from the floor turned the tide for the final time.

CWF Mid-Atlantic returns to live action for on Saturday November 16th at 7:30pm for CWF ULTIMATE SURVIVOR XVII at Gibsonville NC's Mid-Atlantic Sportatorium! Tickets now at!

The Young Lions of CWF Mid-Atlantic return to live action for on Saturday November 23rd at 7:30pm for a full card of RGL action at Gibsonville NC's Mid-Atlantic Sportatorium! Tickets now at!

(Above) All Star "Ace" Arik Royal literally floors challenger Cam Carter in main event CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title action at CWF INVINCIBLE at Gibsonville NC's Mid-Atlantic Sportatorium.


The "Rampaging Beast" Aaron Biggs introduces himself to newcomer singles opponent Isaiah Frazier.

Biggs waits for Frazier to return to the ring.

Aaron Biggs follows Isaiah Frazier to the floor and gets nailed.

Isaiah Frazier finally gets the Rampaging Beast to the canvas.

LeBron Kozone interrupts All Star time to warn All Star TGA Moss about the Coach's history with talent.

All Stars Jamal the Titan and TGA Moss attack Kozone.

LeBron Kozone backslides CWF Rising Generation League Champion TGA Moss to the canvas in a pin attempt in six-man tag team action ordered by PWI President William L. Cross.

Kozone works over All Star Jamal the Titan as All Star TGA Moss advances on him from behind.

Moss works over Michael "the Fury" McAllister in the All Star corner.

McAllister grabs the wrist of Jamal the Titan.

Adrian "Action" Jackson stands up the Titan for another bit shot.

The Fury and Action Jackson whip All Star Jamal the Titan into the ropes.

Challenger Mikey Banker backs PWI Central Carolinas Champion Snooty Foxx toward the corner in title action.

Foxx clobbers the back of Banker on the canvas.

Snooty Foxx chops Mikey Banker on the canvas.

The Central Carolinas Champion delivers a signature elbow to the challenger in the corner.

The Pineapple Express' Number Braaah hangs ten on the back of the CWF Worldwide Television Champion "Corruptor" Ethan A. Sharpe in title action.

Number Braaah connects with a flying drop kick sending Sharpe to the seat of his pants.

Braaah flips out over the Corruptor coming in for a landing.

Corruption's Dirty Daddy clobbers Number Braaah from the floor.

Corporate Number Dad enters and tells his son that people do bad things to other people, for him to get his head right.

Number Dad breaks the boogie board of his son Number Braaah, demanding he "grow up".

Percy Prescott is confronted by the security guards of pop star Ella Ivey after her live performance bombed.

BitDon CEO Donald J. BitDon goes bowling with Sheriff "Cowboy" Kool Jay in tag team action. Literally.

"Deputy TKO" drives a shoulder into the midsection of BitDon ICO's Nicholas K. Richards in the corner turnbuckles.

Richards crosses up the leg of Kool Jay on the canvas.

"Cowboy" Kool Jay stomps the leg of Richards on the canvas.

"Deputy TKO" Teddy Ireland Jr. torques the knee of Richards.

Richards and BitDon both escort Deputy TKO to the canvas.

The masked cowboy returns for the second time, standing on the floor at the commentary table.

Chris Riddle pours fuel on the fire for a chance to get his hands on Khan O'Kelly in the ring at CWF BATTLECADE XX!

Friendly Fire's Jamal Hewens cranks on the chin of CWF Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champion Corruption's Killa Koga in tag title action.

Hewens explains to partner BeeBop how easy it is to put Corruption on it's backside.

Corruption's Dirty Daddy introduces himself to Friendly Fire's BeeBop.

Dirty drives a knee into the gut of BeeBop as he rushes in.

Killa Koga returns to snap BeeBop to the canvas.

Corruption's Dirty Daddy makes a point to Friendly Fire by dropping BeeBop to the canvas like a bad habit.

The Smoothest Skywalker Cam Carter prepares to tie up with CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion All Star "Ace" Arik Royal in the main event.

The champion goes behind the challenger and torments him with a smile on his face.

Cam Carter takes Royal to the canvas and ties his legs up.

Carter clamps down on Royal who tries to put the brakes on.

The AceGawd gets his noggin crushed by Cam Carter.

Royal rushes under a leaping Carter.

Arik Royal and Cam Carter driving each other's faces toward the turnbuckles.

Coach Gemini creates a diversion, getting the challenger's undivided attention.

The Next CWF Mid Atlantic Event

CWF Mid-Atlantic returns to live action on Saturday November 16th at Gibsonville NC's Mid-Atlantic Sportatorium for CWF ULTIMATE SURVIVOR XVII! Purchase your seats NOW at CWFTickets.COM!

The Young Lions of CWF Mid-Atlantic return to Center Stage on Saturday November 23rd at Gibsonville NC's Mid-Atlantic Sportatorium with a full card of Rising Generation League wrestling action! Purchase your seats NOW at CWFTickets.COM!

Directions to the Mid Atlantic Sportatorium

(From Greensboro) Exit Interstate 40/85 on exit 138, making a left turn at the end of the exit onto Highway 61. At the signal, turn right onto Highway 70. Make a left turn at the signal at Springwood Church Road, which turns into Springwood Ave. The Mid Atlantic Sportatorium is located on the right hand side of Springwood about a mile from Highway 70.

Or GPS us at: 1001 Springwood Ave. #15 Gibsonville NC

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