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Saturday, December 28, 2019

Positive Attitude Youth Center

Burlington, NC

Official Event Results

1. "The 1st" Ric Converse defeated Smith Garrett by pinfall in singles action ordered by new PWI Commissioner Percy Prescott (1:41)

2. PWI Central Carolinas Champion Snooty Foxx defeated Labron Kozone w/Sir Oaks by pinfall to retain the title (9:16)

3. Team Chris Riddle's Teddy "TKO" Ireland Jr., Michael McAllister & Chasity Taylor defeated Team Bit-Khan's Khan O'Kelly, Donald J. BitDon, Nicholas K. Richards & Ella Envy by pinfall to win Riddle five minutes in the ring alone with Khan O'Kelly (6:51)

4. Adrian "Action" Jackson defeated CWF Rising Generation League Champion All Star TGA Moss w/Jarry Caray by submission to win the championship which is being transferred to Fire Star Pro Wrestling on January 1 (11:05)

5. "Cowboy" Kool Jay defeated CWF Worldwide Television Champion "Corruptor" Ethan A. Sharpe w/Dirty Daddy & Killa Koga by submission to win the title (11:05)

6. Mike Mars & "Rampaging Beast" Aaron Biggs won the CWF Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Titles from champions Corruption's Killa Koga & Dirty Daddy in Four-Way Tag Title action also featuring Viva Las Amish's Hezekiah Hoskins & Jebediah Moss w/Danny Vegas and Pineapple Express' Buddy Flowers & "Starboy" B.K. Westbrook (20:35)

7. Andrew Everett defeated PWI International Ultra-J Crown Champion "Southern Savior" John Skyler in Last Man Standing action to win the champoinship (26:35)

8. Grand Daddy Numbers won the first-ever CWF Alumni Rumble (17:37) [Order of Entry: DeAndre Jackson, Danny Vegas, Michael "the Fury" McAllister, Bobby Yela, El Diablo, Victor Andrews, B.K. Westbrook, Donnie Dollar$, Capital Vices' Sin & Money, "Cowboy" Kool Jay, "Brute" Mark James, Jesse Adler, "Iceman" Joe Storm, Dem Killbillies' Evan Banks & Aric Andrews w/Bobby Jo Neal, Justin Duke w/Kristin Duke, Tank Lawson, Brad Attitude, "High Definition" Steve Greene, "the 1st" Ric Converse, Andrew Everett, Rob "Boogie Woogie Man" McBride and Xsiris]

9. Roy Wilkins defeated CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion All Star "Ace" Arik Royal w/Jarry Caray by pinfall to win the title (37:15)

Officials: Charles Richardson, Redd Jones, Robby Walsh, Joseph E. Hogan & Carlos Hernandez

All bouts (with the EXCEPTION of #3) sanctioned by Pro Wrestling International. Visit us online at!


Pro Wrestling International President William L. Cross introduces the first-ever PWI Commissioner, Percy Prescott.

Smith Garrett interrupts the opening of CWF BATTLECADE XX.

"Mr. Battlecade" Ric Converse calls Garrett back into the ring.

Garrett reacts as he is ordered into the ring against Converse.

About a minute into the contest, Converse hoists Garrett across his back for the Ric-Tor Scale finisher.

Converse walks Smith Garrett around the ring looking for a place to leave him.

"Slick Diddy" Ric Converse drops Garrett like a bad habit.

Converse finishes his former friend turned rival off in under two minutes to kick off BATTLECADE XX.

Sir Oaks prepares Lebron Kozone for his shot at the PWI Central Carolinas Championships.

PWI Central Carolinas champ Snooty Foxx hits the arena with a roar.

Foxx clamps down on the arm of Kozone on the canvas.

Lebron Kozone cranks on the ankle of Foxx after putting him on his backside.

Kozone drops boots on the prone Snooty Foxx in the corner turnbuckles.

The challenger connects a boot to the face of the Central Carolinas Champion.

Snooty Foxx is handed the title belt back after pinning the competitive Kozone.

Chris Riddle enters for his first-ever match in non-sanctioned scheduled six-person tag.

BitDon Corporation's Director of Marketing leads his team to the ring.

Donald J. BitDon wallops Teddy "TKO" Ireland Jr. in the corner turnbuckles.

Michael "the Fury" McAllister of Team Riddle runs Nicholas K. Richards away from the ring.

Ella Envy attacks Chasity Taylor as the fight spills onto the floor in the non-sanctioned battle.

Khan holds up Chasity for a free shot in the corner.

Ireland Jr., Chasity Taylor, Chris Riddle, and McAllister's hands are raised in victory, giving Riddle five minutes in the ring alone with Khan O'Kelly.

Kelly goes on the offensive after making Riddle chase him around the ring area.

Khan O'Kelly eyes Riddle after taking a pin in the five-minute period.

CWF Rising Generation League Champion TGA Moss hits the ring to defend his title at BATTLECADE XX.

Red hot Adrian "Action" Jackson enters the arena for his shot at the RGL belt.

Moss and Jackson collide in mid-ring.

"Action" Jackson flips out over TGA Moss in the center of the ring.

Moss pulls Jackson back to his feet by the hair.

Moss sounds off to the fans as he has Jackson by the chin on the canvas.

Adrian "Action" Jackson tries to stretch out the champion in the torture rack.

Jackson eyes the referee to see if TGA Moss is giving up the match and his title.

"Action" Jackson sits stunned as the referee grabs the RGL belt from ringside.

Adrian "Action" Jackson shows off his first undisputed title to the fans at the Positive Attitude Youth Center.

CWF Worldwide Television Champion "the Corruptor" Ethan Alexander Sharpe enters to defend his title accompanied by the CWF Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions Corruption's Dirty Daddy and Killa Koga.

The television champion prepares to take on a familiar opponent.

Who is that masked man? "Cowboy" Kool Jay enters to challenge the Corruptor.

The sheriff of CWF moves toward the coming conflict.

"Cowboy" Kool Jay makes a direct point with Sharpe in the center of the ring.

Kool Jay kicks both Sharpe and his protector Killa Koga through the ropes.

CWF Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions Killa Koga and Dirty Daddy enter to defend against three challenging teams in four-on-one tag title action.

Danny Vegas leads the Viva Las Amish team of Jebediah Moss and Hezekiah Hoskins into battle.

The world's most charismatic and photogenic fowl, Betsey the Chicken, enters for BATTLECADE XX.

The Pineapple Express' B.K. Westbrook (formerly Number Braaah) and Buddy Flowers hit the ring for the four-way title bout.

Buddy Flowers cranks on the arm of Hezekiah Hoskins as Jebediah Moss cheers his partner on.

Mike Mars and the "Rampaging Beast" Aaron Biggs await their turn in the ring.

"Starboy" B.K. Westbrook takes a shot at Hoskins.

New CWF Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions Mike Mars and Aaron Biggs with their latest hardware acquisition.

Your CWF Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions.

PWI International Ultra-J Crown Champion "Southern Savior" John Skyler enters for Last Man Standing title action.

Challenger Andrew Everett enters for Last Man Standing Ultra-J Crown title action.

The Skywalker flips over the top ropes onto Skyler on the gym floor.

The Last Man Standing match brawls through the bleachers.

John Skyler reacts after being backflipped to the floor.

Everett ducks under the ariel assault of Skyler from the top ropes.

Andrew Everett is crumpled on the floor as the "Southern Savior" grabs a steel chain.

Skyer clobbers Everett with the steel chain.

John Skyler is waiting on the canvas for the incoming Andrew Everett.

Skyer catches the boot of Everett.

Everett gets choked by Skyler's leather belt.

Andrew Everett climbs the rope for another flip onto the prone Southern Savior.

Skyler exits the arena after being counted out.

Andrew Everett shows off the PWI International Ultra-J Crown Championship as he leaves the building.

The first group to enter the CWF Alumni Rumble is led by Viva Las Amish's Danny Vegas and Victor Andrews

Fan favorite Jesse Adler returns to the CWF ring for BATTLECADE XX.

Former CWF Tag champions Dem Killbillies, Evan Banks and Aric Andrews, led by Bobby Jo Neal, enter the Alumni Rumble.

The "Brute" Mark James works over "Cowboy" Kool Jay in the ring ropes.

PWI International Heavyweight Champion Brad Attitude enters the Rumble.

Captial Vices' Money chokes Evan Banks in the corner ropes as Michael "the Fury" McAllister and "High Definition" Steve Greene look on.

Andrew Everett works over Banks in the corner.

Dynasty's Brad Attitude, Xsiris, Ric Converse and Steve Greene reunite in the Rumble as Tank Lawson tries to eliminate his tag partner Rob "Boogie Woogie Man" McBride.

A late entry, Grand Daddy Numbers makes his way to the ring for the Alumni Rumble.

Grand Daddy Numbers shows off his move set by pinning the PWI International Heavyweight Champion!

Grand Daddy Numbers looks over the remaining competitors as they all eye Attitude for elimination.

After Brad Attitude is eliminated by the remaining competitors, they eliminate theirselves leaving Grand Daddy Numbers as the winner of the CWF Alumni Rumble!

After unmasking Grand Daddy Numbers revealing Andrew Everett's grandfather Everett Wenkel, the family celebrates the historic win, the first in CWF history by an 85 year old man!

Challenger Roy Wilkins enters for the main event of CWF BATTLECADE XX!

Your CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion, the "AceGawd" Arik Royal enters the arena.

Wilkins cranks on the wrist, wrenching the shoulder of the champion early in the match.

Royal tries to fight his way up off of the canvas.

Ace drops a knee across the arm of Wilkins on the canvas.

Roy Wilkins cranks on the arm of Arik Royal on the canvas.

Royal takes a commanding position working over the arm of Wilkins.

Wilkins kicks at Royal at ringside with the Ace catching the boot in mid-air.

Arik Royal twists Roy Wilkins in an abdominal stretch.

The champion tries to toss the challenger into the ring ropes.

Both locker rooms come to ringside to witness the main event of CWF BATTLECADE XX.

Wilkins drops pesky Jarry Caray with his golf swing.

The referee's hand comes down for the three count winning Roy Wilkins the CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship!

Royal and Wilkins, former championship partners, appear to bury the hatchet for the moment.

Former CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Trevor Lee enters for the final word at CWF BATTLECADE XX.

Lee has to take a moment to compose himself during his emotional talk to the fans.

The show comes to a conclusion after the PWI Man of the Year Award is presented by Andrew Everett to his father while Everett Wenkel joins the celebration.

As BATTLECADE XX concludes, Andrew Everett gets a hug from his mother.

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