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"Cowboy" Kool Jay Celebrates His Birthday With A Big RGL Championship Win at CWF-RGL BACK IN THE SADDLE AGAIN!

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Mid-Atlantic Sportatorium

Gibsonville, NC


The first-ever RGL Roulette Battle Royal kicked off CWF-RGL BACK IN THE SADDLE AGAIN, with eight competitors battling for a shot at the main event, with the final two men standing advancing. Corruption's Ethan Alexander Sharpe and Dirty Daddy entered, followed by Bellamy Koga and masked newcomer Number Braaah, and then CWF-RGL Champion "Cowboy" Kool Jay, Snooty Foxx, Kamakazi Kid and newcomer A.J. Gunnz. Big A.J. Gunnz was eliminated first, followed by Dirty Daddy, who remained at ringside to offer his partner a hand in eliminating Snooty Foxx from the match. Cain Justice, who was at commentary, rushed to the ring and promptly pulled Ethan Sharpe to the concrete, eliminating him from the match as well. After the Number Braaah exited over the top ropes, the other masked man, Kamakazi Kid, found himself eliminated with the referee calling for the bell with only "Cowboy" Kool Jay and Bellamy Koga standing to wrestle again in the main event.

Dirty Daddy hit the ring for the first match decided by the results of the RGL Roulette, to face newcomer A.J. Gunnz in singles action. The powerfully built Gunnz accepted the pose-down challenge of the cocky Daddy, and even the push-up challenge, showing the veteran out with hand claps between repititions! Dirty Daddy took exception and took the rookie to the canvas for a lesson and found himself tied up with a well-trained young grappler. Of course, it didn't help the youngster out with his opponent having his tag partner at ringside looking for any and every opportunity to make a difference, which Ethan Sharpe is well known for taking advantage of. Dirty Daddy advanced the Corruption name once again with a pinfall win over the impressive young A.J. Gunnz.

Ethan Alexander Sharpe never left the ring area as he was up next to take on Snooty Foxx, in a card determined by eliminations in the opening RGL Roulette Battle Royal. Foxx hit the ring a little angry and took his frustrations out on Sharpe every chance he got his hands on him. The numbers game once again worked in the favor of Corruption, with Sharpe stealing another pinfall win with a little help from his friends.

Former CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Kamakazi Kid entered to take on the newcomer from Cali, Number Braaah in singles action determined by the RGL Roulette Battle Royal. Kazi took a quick advantage over the rookie grappler and soon discovered that Number Braaah has this habit of getting back to his feet after being knocked off of them repeatedly. The resilient youngster absorbed nearly every shot delivered by Kamakazi Kid and kept getting back up for more again and again. Kazi continued to deliver at every opportunity and finally took down the kid after nearly twenty-five minutes of combat via pinfall.

"TKO" Teddy Ireland Jr. was out next for an interview segment and questioned about his current status, his return to regular competition and the future and he took the mic to introduce his hero, his mother, who beat and survived breast cancer. After presenting his mother with a gift to celebrate her continued victory, Corruption decided to come to the ring to interrupt. Ireland, who is not cleared to wrestle, found himself backed up by Corruption, who soon found Snooty Foxx and big A.J. Gunnz evening up the odds. A referee entered and a tag match challenge was accepted and ordered to begin.

Corruption accepted their fate and decided who would enter the ring to take on a fired up Snooty Foxx and powerhouse A.J. Gunnz in tag team action. Foxx worked off his frustration and tagged in Gunnz, who displayed his power and abilities against an established team who suddenly didn't have a numbers advantage with someone nearby to lend a hand when needed. Gunnz dropped from the top ropes as Foxx stretched out Sharpe and it was downhill for Corruption from there. Snooty Foxx and A.J. Gunnz took the pinfall win over a quite angry Corruption team.

The final two men standing in the RGL Roulette Battle Royal entered the ring for the main event as Bellamy Koga hit the ring followed by CWF Rising Generation League Champion "Cowboy" Kool Jay and the stipulation to add the title to the bout was quickly agreed upon. When the bell sounded a surprisingly violent affair kicked off with big Bellamy Koga showing several sides to his offensive arsenal in trying to beat down the Sheriff to take the strap from him. Koga delivered several shots and a half dozen kicks that could have crippled a normal individual and Kool Jay kept making it back to his feet to continue, eventually adding his own flurries of offense rather than taking all of the punishment. Koga tossed the Cowboy to the concrete, followed him to the floor and suddenly found himself being chopped by almost every child and fan in the Sportatorium. Despite a most impressive effort, Bellamy Koga was unable to win the RGL Championship due to a Kool Jay pinfall win that adds even more value to the big man's stock in CWF Mid-Atlantic.

CWF Mid-Atlantic returns to live action Saturday March 2nd at 7:30pm at Gibsonville NC's Mid-Atlantic Sportatorium for CWF SHOUT TO THE TOP! Tickets now at!

(Above) "Cowboy" Kool Jay awaits his challenger Bellamy Koga's return to the ring at CWF-RGL BACK IN THE SADDLE AGAIN! at Gibsonville NC's Mid-Atlantic Sportatorium.

The gnarly masked Number Braaah backs A.J. Gunnz into the corner in RGL Roulette Battle Royal action.

RGL Champion "Cowboy" Kool Jay whips big Bellamy Koga into the turnbuckles.

Snooty Foxx catches Number Braaah as he crawls away.

Number Braaah goes for a ride across the shoulders of Foxx.

Sheriff Kool Jay and Kamakazi Kid torture Corruption's Dirty Daddy on the canvas.

A.J. Gunnz is not amused with Corruption's Dirty Daddy, who he finds himself across the ring from as stipulated by the RGL Roulette Battle Royal results.

Dirty Daddy reminds newcomer Gunnz who is face-down on the canvas.

Dirty Daddy continues to club away at the broad shouldered Gunnz.

A.J. Gunnz finds himself tied up on the canvas by Corruption's Dirty Daddy.

Snooty Foxx and Corruption's Ethan A. Sharpe lock up in singles action decided by the RGL Roulette Battle Royal.

Foxx leapfrogs over Sharpe as he rushes in.

Snooty Foxx muscles Sharpe to the canvas with authority.

Snooty Foxx gets some encouragement from his buddy at ringside to get back into the fight.

Newcomer Number Braaah gets caught by Kamakazi Kid in singles action.

Kazi begins to apply a beating to the Pacific Palasades' Number Braaah, dude.

Kazi gives the fans a moment to interact with himself and Number Braaah on the floor at ringside.

Number Braaah starts feeling bogus and attacks Kamakazi Kid in the ropes.

Corruption's Ethan A. Sharpe cranks the wrist of Snooty Foxx in challenge tag team action.

Sharpe is held up by Foxx for newcomer A.J. Gunnz to drop in on.

A.J. Gunnz cranks on the head of the Corruptor in the center of the ring.

Dirty Daddy makes a point with former partner Snooty Foxx on the canvas.

A.J. Gunnz spikes Dirty Daddy face-first into the canvas.

Already sporting a bloody nose early, Bellamy Koga goes on the offense for his shot at "Cowboy" Kool Jay's RGL Championship.

Kool Jay can't catch his breath without Koga being back on top of the situation.

Koga returns to his roots, punishing the Sheriff with kicks.

"Cowboy" Kool Jay is whipped toward the corner by big Bellamy Koga.

The RGL Champion offers up Koga for the fans to chop.

Referee Redd Jones, shame on you!

That night the commentators took turns chopping the RGL challenger.

Bellamy Koga has to wonder what else could possibly go wrong in one match on one night...

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Directions to the Mid Atlantic Sportatorium

(From Greensboro) Exit Interstate 40/85 on exit 138, making a left turn at the end of the exit onto Highway 61. At the signal, turn right onto Highway 70. Make a left turn at the signal at Springwood Church Road, which turns into Springwood Ave. The Mid Atlantic Sportatorium is located on the right hand side of Springwood about a mile from Highway 70.

Or GPS us at: 1001 Springwood Ave. #15 Gibsonville NC

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