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March Roars In Like A Lion As Two Rising Stars Brawl In The Main Event At CWF-RGL THINGS DONE CHANGED!

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Mid Atlantic Sportatorium

1001 Springwood Ave.

Gibsonville, NC


A vocal assembly of pro wrestling fans congregated at the Mid Atlantic Sportatorium for a night featuring the young lions of the sport, competitors with three years or less of ring experience. Of course, some veterans are invited to participate and the mix creates a near explosive night of action. CWF's Rising Generation League runs almost monthly and is a great deal for families with kids.

The night's action kicked off with tag team action as the duo of Donnie Dollar$ and Mike Mars entered to do battle with returning Bellamy Koga and new tag partner Leon Ruff. Koga, a barefoot competitor with educated feet, has had difficulties with previous partners and is making waves with the RGL fans in recent months. Ruff tagged in and played hit and run, but the tide changed when the Mars/Dollar$ team used a little veteran savvy and singled him out for extended punishment. Bellamy Koga and Leon Ruff found themselves on the wrong end of the decision after Mike Mars got the three count for the win.

Coach Gemini entered with "Most Honorable" All Star Mace Li, then exited for the commentary table as opponent Liam Gray was introduced. The debuting Gray was quickly accepted by the fans and went toe-to-toe with the Chinese All Star with the fans strong behind him. Mace Li used the floor to break Liam Gray's momentum and eventually got the shoulders of the impressive newcomer on the canvas for a pinfall win after using every trick in his book.

Newcomers James Bandy and Lee Johnson were introduced to take on So Time's Dirty Daddy and Snooty Foxx in tag team action. Bandy and Foxx collided early and the newcomer showed his skills against Dirty Daddy midway through the bout, separating him from Snooty Foxx in the far corner for much of the remainder of the match. Despite the constant pounding on Dirty Daddy, he did eventually make the tag and unleashed the human tornado that a rested Snooty Foxx can be. Foxx soon tagged Dirty back in at the Daddy's request and he started up the turnbuckles and resumed his career of flight. So Time held court and grounded Lee Johnson before taking the duke by pinfall over the game team of Bandy and Johnson.

The "Billy Mays of CWF" Ethan Alexander Sharpe was out next escorting Cain Justice to the ring for a little t-shirt hawking and eventually singles action against Redemption's Micheal McAllister, who was accompanied by Nick Richards. When the bell rang and Justice and McAllister went to war, Sharpe and Richards elected to remain at ringside, with Richards keeping an eye on Justice's second the whole bout. With the twenty minute time limit expiring, Sharpe helped a buddy out after Richards' ejection and Justice took a win by pinfall.

Main event Rising Generation League Championship action was introduced with #1 Contender "Pitbull" Steven Idol squaring off with popular champion Kool Jay. The challenger went into a serious ground and pound plan of action, keeping Kool Jay from flying and on the canvas where the bigger man may have a bit of an advantage. Kool Jay was thwarted on a couple of high-risk offensive moves and paid the price as the Pitbull entered bulldozer mode after the twenty minute time call. It's hard to call the last few minutes of the match as anything but Kool Jay getting a THIRD wind and hitting the top ropes to set the challenger on his heels. Kool Jay survived the impressive onslaught of "Pitbull" Steven Idol almost twenty-four minutes in a match that began with an attack on his person before the bell to retain his championship.

The young lions of CWF Mid-Atlantic return to center stage on Saturday April 21st for the return of the CWF Rising Generation League! Tickets are available NOW at

CWF Mid-Atlantic returns to action on Saturday March 10th for CWF THE BIG PAYBACK at Chapel Hill NC's Hargrave Rec Center and tickets are available NOW at

(Above) CWF Rising Generation League Champion Kool Jay lies on the canvas as #1 Contender Steven "Pitbull" Idol continues his onslaught in main event title action at CWF-RGL THINGS DONE CHANGED at Gibsonville NC's Mid Atlantic Sportatorium.


Bellamy Koga backs Mike Mars into the corner in tag team action.

Koga tries to put the brakes on Donnie Dollar$ controling his wrist.

Dollar$ makes change with Leon Ruff.

Ruff struggles toward a tag as Mike Mars dares Koga to step through the ropes.

All Star "Most Honorable" Mace Li goes overhand with newcomer Liam Gray in singles action.

Mace Li considers his options when the referee calls for the break in the corner.

Liam Gray requests Li to return to the ring and wrestle.

"Most Honorable" Mace Li drops an elbow onto his prone singles opponent on the canvas.

So Time's Snooty Foxx goes straight to the face of James Bandy in tag team action.

Dirty Daddy drops a knee across the back of Lee Johnson.

Johnson tries to get back to his feet after So Time's Dirty Daddy dropped him to the canvas.

Referee "Scrappy" Bare orders Foxx to the apron for the eleventh time in the match.

Redemption's Michael McAllister cranks on the wrist of Cain Justice in singles action.

McAllister takes a thumb to the eye (accidently, I'm sure) from Justice.

Cain Justice drops and Michael McAllister runs for the ropes.

McAllister shoots Justice to the canvas from his shoulder.

Cain Justice measures "the Fury" on the ropes.

Seconds Nick Richards and Ethan Alexander Sharpe come to blows!

Number 1 Contender "Pitbull" Steven Idol begins the task of removing the title from CWF Rising Generation League Champion Kool Jay in main event title action.

The Pitbull employs a painful ground and pound arsenal on the popular RGL Champ.

Kool Jay drops an elbow from the top ropes but Idol has left the landing area.

Steven Idol continues to force Kool Jay to fight to breathe and continue.

Kool Jay breaks another pinfall attempt and tries to catch a second wind as Idol considers his next attack.

Steven "the Pitbull" Idol drops a knee across the back of the skull of the RGL Champion.

Idol cranks on the chin of Kool Jay through the ring ropes.

Kool Jay drops in with a cannonball on Idol in the corner turnbuckles.

Jay dives over the top ropes to Idol on the concrete floor.

Kool Jay continues his hot streak as CWF Rising Generation League Champion!

The Next CWF Rising Generation League Event

CWF Rising Generation League returns to Gibsonville NC's Mid Atlantic Sportatorium on Saturday April 21! Details, tickets, directions and more at!

Directions to the Mid Atlantic Sportatorium

(From Greensboro) Exit Interstate 40/85 on exit 138, making a left turn at the end of the exit onto Highway 61. At the signal, turn right onto Highway 70. Make a left turn at the signal at Springwood Church Road, which turns into Springwood Ave. The Mid Atlantic Sportatorium is located on the right hand side of Springwood about a mile from Highway 70.

Or GPS us at: 1001 Springwood Ave. #15 Gibsonville NC

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