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TKOPA's Teddy Ireland Jr. & Ulysse Demos Retain Tag Titles, "Cowboy" Kool Jay Retains RGL Title As New Talent Shines At CWF-RGL THE WILD BUNCH!

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Mid-Atlantic Sportatorium

Gibsonville, NC


BitDon Corportation's Director of Marketing Khan O'Kelly was introduced for commentary to kick off CWF Rising Generation League's THE WILD BUNCH.

All Star "AceGawd" Arik Royal entered next, demanded the house mic and reintroduced himself before "Party Starter" Keith Mack entered for a little business of his own. The two veterans angled and pitched for several minutes before locking up and trying to prove dominance over each other. The two big men brawled and grappled until Royal was able to end the affair with a pinfall win.

Three-way singles action was up next as three new competitors stepped into the Sportatorium ring to face in singles action. Garrett Sinclair made his entrance, followed by Corey Allen Roberts and big Deandre Jackson. Sinclair made the most noise early and witnessed as Roberts and Jackson made a gentleman's agreement to suppress him. After several conflicts between all three, Jackson ended up on the floor as Corey Allen Roberts pinned Sinclair for the win.

Newcomer "Beefcake Bro" Ramo was out next to take on PWI Central Carolinas Champion Snooty Foxx in non-title singles action. Foxx started fast, beating his opponent to the punch at every turn, but Ramo got his wind and bearings and began to try to take Foxx apart as the tide of the match turned. Chapel Hill's Foxx got his second wind and tired of being a punching back and retook the momentum, winning the bout by pinfall.

Young powerhouse Peter Built entered next to take on rookie Adrian "Action" Jackson in singles action. The two went to battle to determine a true bull of the woods and both showed off their skills and abilities. The impressive newcomer went toe-to-toe with Jackson, who still refuses to back down as long as he's standing, but Jackson was able to catch him in the Torture Rack, forcing a submission out of Peter Built.

CWF Mid-Atlantic's Rising Generation League Champion "Cowboy" Kool Jay entered to defend his title against newcomer Lucky Ali, a confident young athlete with an attitude. Ali stated he would defeat the Sheriff of CWF Mid-Atlantic and went to work to make that happen at the bell. Kool Jay surprisingly started out on the canvas, working up to a leglock to ground the powerful young challenger before expanding his scope to the entire ring. Ali relentlessly pounded on the RGL Champion every time he could get his hands on him, but Kool Jay retaliated with cool calculated responses that are second nature to the champion. "Cowboy" Kool Jay gets another pinfall win to retain his title over the powerful and impressive Lucky Ali.

Corruption's Ethan Alexander Sharpe and Dirty Daddy entered the arena to challenge CWF Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions TKOPA's Teddy Ireland Jr. and Ulysse Demos in the night's main event. The familiarity of the two teams may have tempered whatever advantage TKOPA may have had coming off of their exciting 3rd Annual Kernodle Brothers Tag Team Tournament wins, but familiarity is said to also breed contempt as well, setting up a physical title defense.

It took nearly twenty-five minutes to decide this one, with the champions retaining the belts with a pinfall win, sending Corruption off to once again make a few alterations to their plan for the next time the two meet.

CWF Mid-Atlantic returns to live action for CWF 80'S NIGHT II: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO! on Saturday May 18th at 7:30pm at Gibsonville NC's Mid-Atlantic Sportatorium! Tickets now at!

(Above) TKOPA's Teddy "TKO" Ireland Jr. dropkicks Corruption's Ethan A. Sharpe in the arms of Ulysse "OPA" Demos during the main event tag title bout at the CWF-RGL THE WILD BUNCH at Gibsonville NC's Mid-Atlantic Sportatorium.

The "AceGawd" Arik Royal squares off against "Party Starter" Keith Mack in singles action.

Royal knuckles Mack to the canvas.

The Party Starter finds the All Star fighting his way out of a headlock.

Keith Mack refuses to give up as Arik Royal torments him on the canvas.

Corey Allen Roberts whips Garrett Sinclair across the ring in three-way singles action.

Roberts asks Deandre Jackson to reconsider pinning Sinclair.

Jackson and Roberts seem to come to an agreement.

With Deandre Jackson on the concrete at ringside, Corey Allen Roberts advances on a stunned Garrett Sinclair.

"Beefcake Bro" Ramo ties up with PWI Central Carolinas Champion Snooty Foxx in non-title singles action.

Snooty Foxx nails the bulldog, driving Ramo face-first into the canvas.

Foxx delivers a free bootprint to the face to his opponent.

Ramo clobbers Snooty Foxx in the corner turnbuckles.

Adrian "Action" Jackson shoulderblocks Peter Built to the canvas in singles action.

Built hits the canvas once again as a result of a Jackson shoulder block.

Peter Built drives a shoulder into the midsection of "Action" Jackson in the corner turnbuckles.

Built breaks the choke hold a split-second before the five count.

Challenger Lucky Ali tries to fight off CWF Rising Generation League Champion "Cowboy" Kool Jay's leglock in the center of the squared circle in title action.

Ali hits Kool Jay on the ropes as he drops to the concrete at ringside through the ropes.

The Cowboy goes back to taking the wheels out from under the agressive Lucky Ali.

Ali turns the RGL Champion around with a crab variation.

"Cowboy" Kool Jay fires up and returns to the offensive.

The Sheriff drops in on the back of the skull of Lucky Ali.

"AceGawd" Arik Royal joins Khan O'Kelly on commentary as he admires the CWF Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Title belts.

Corruption's Ethan Alexander Sharpe watches as CWF Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions TKOPA's Ulysse Demos flips out of his wristlock.

"TKO" Teddy Ireland Jr. goes after the legs of Ethan Sharpe.

Corruption's Dirty Daddy chops TKOPA's Ireland Jr. in the corner.

Ulysse "OPA" Demos cranks on the arm of Dirty Daddy on the canvas.

TKOPA nail another double soccer kick on Corruption, this time making Sharpe their victim.

Teddy Ireland Jr. sends Dirty Daddy flying.

Sharpe drives a shoulder into the midsection of Demos in the corner.

Ulysse "OPA" Demos struggles towards his corner to tag in "TKO" Teddy Ireland Jr.

The Corruptor reaches out to Ulysse Demos on the canvas.

The Next CWF Rising Generation League Event

CWF Rising Generation League returns to Gibsonville NC's Mid Atlantic Sportatorium on Saturday June 22nd for a full card of pro wrestling fun! Details, tickets, directions and more at!

Directions to the Mid Atlantic Sportatorium

(From Greensboro) Exit Interstate 40/85 on exit 138, making a left turn at the end of the exit onto Highway 61. At the signal, turn right onto Highway 70. Make a left turn at the signal at Springwood Church Road, which turns into Springwood Ave. The Mid Atlantic Sportatorium is located on the right hand side of Springwood about a mile from Highway 70.

Or GPS us at: 1001 Springwood Ave. #15 Gibsonville NC

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