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Lee Valiant Wins TWO Matches And Becomes New ALW Heavyweight Champion at MEMORIAL MELTDOWN!

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Positive Attitude Youth Center

229 N. Graham Hopedale Rd.

Burlington, NC


Twelve bouts awaited the fans gathering in Burlington for American Legion Wrestling's MEMORIAL MELTDOWN, a benefit for Eastern Alamance High's Wrestling program. Smith Garrett got the crowd on their feet as he defeated the masked Kamakazi Kid in singles action to kick off the event. The Brutes' Mark James fought a hard battle but came up short against the huge Asaafi in singles action. Lee Valiant defeated the Brutes' Jimmy Parker to win the right to challenge ALW Champ Chet Sterling later in the evening.

Nick D & the $outh$ide Playas' J-Money & Will B. Smooth took the fight to Court Montgomery & Calis Miller as well as the team of Donnie Dollar$ & Rob "Boogie Woogie Man" McBride, winning the three-way one-fall tag thriller. The Rock & Roll Express' Ricky Morton was up next with a hard-fought pinfall win over Jimi Love.

The Mid Atlantic Outlaws' Matt Houston & Louis Moore became the first ALW Tag Team Champions defeated the challenge of Next Gen's Vic Andrews & James Anthony. Scotty Mathews got physical with high-flyer Xsiris, grounding him with a pinfall win.

ALW Champion Chet Sterling came up short to the red-hot Lee Valiant, dropping the ALW title after a whole year as champion. Damien Wayne and "Lost Cause" got personal, battling around the ring with Wayne taking the pinfall after going above the ring.

The Geordie Bulldogs' Sean & Mark Denny and new manager Coop shocked the Dawson Brothers' "One Man R!ot" Zane Dawson & Dave Dawson with a pinfall win over a couple of irate Dawsons.

TNA X Division Champion Trevor Lee defended against Caleb Konley holding onto the title by a surprising submission.

PWI International Heavyweight Champion Ric Converse hit the ring to take on challenger C.W. Anderson in the main event of the day. Converse retained his title with a pinfall win over the Extreme Horseman.

Jimmy Harris has announced that MEMORIAL MELTDOWN raised $1,150.00 for Eastern Alamance High School's Wrestling program! Thanks to everyone involved and to all of the fans that made this a big success!

(Above) All Star Lance Lude thought he had CWF Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Trevor Lee but now is not so certain in the main event at CWF HIGH TENSION 2016 at Gibsonville NC's Mid Atlantic Sportatorium.


Smith Garrett introduces the masked face of Kamakazi Kid to the ring apron on the floor in singles action.

Garrett powers Kazi up for a painful slam.

The Brutes' Mark James rushes into the corner toward opponent Asaafi in singles action.

James collides with Asaafi in the corner turnbuckles.

Lee Valiant measures the Brutes' Jimmy Parker in ALW Heavyweight Challenger action.

Valiant takes the larger opponent to the canvas.

The $outh$ide Playas express themselves to the fans before realizing the three-way tag bout has began!

Court Montgomery holds Playa J-Money as Rob "Boogie Woogie Man" McBride softens him up a bit.

Donnie Dollar$ works over the wrist of J-Money.

Rock & Roll Express' Ricky Morton hits the ring for singles action.

Jimi Love admires his work after slamming Morton to the canvas.

The Mid Atlantic Outlaws' Louis Moore runs over Next Gen's James Anthony in ALW Tag Title action.

Next Gen's Vic Andrews follows the Outlaw's Matt Houston to the floor at ringside.

Scotty Mathews rains down pain on opponent Xsiris in singles action.

Mathews drops Xsiris to the canvas from his shoulders.

ALW Heavyweight Champion Chet Sterling takes control of challenger Lee Valiant.

Valiant tries to reverse Sterling's hold in a standing position.

Damien Wayne leads "Lost Cause" Nick Richards towards another ringpost in singles action.

Wayne flies from the top ropes, delivering a big leg across the chest of Richards.

Coop and the Geordie Bulldogs discuss strategy in their corner during tag team action.

The Bulldog's Sean Denny goes toe-to-toe with the "One Man R!ot" Zane Dawson.

TNA X Division Champion Trevor Lee advances on challenger Caleb Konley in the ring ropes.

Lee feeds Konley ring boots as he relaxes in the first row.

PWI International Heavyweight Champion Ric Converse goes behind challenger "Extreme Horseman" C.W. Anderson in main event title action.

Converse doesn't blink when Anderson's eyes meet.

Converse drops under a possible elbow as he tries to finish off the ECW star.

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