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MEMORIAL MADNESS Benefit Event Nets $1,800 for the Haw River NC American Legion!

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American Legion #427

Haw River NC


Josh Adams & Jimmy Harris III kicked off the afternoon's action in bonus singles action prior to the National Anthem. The two rookies showed promise as Adams defeated Harris by pinfall.

"Lost Cause" Nick Richards was introduced first to kick off Memorial Madness, squaring off against Smith Garrett in a singles tilt. The physical contest set the tone for the rest to follow with Garrett winning by pinfall over Richards.

Zane Riley was out next to do battle, or have a cold one, with Otto Schwanz, who entered wearing his bizarre face protection mask. Riley tried to convince Schwanz that he wasn't really interested in wrestling as much as finishing his cold one. Schwanz lost his mask around the ten minute mark and the bout by pinfall a couple of minutes later.

Three-way singles action hit the ring next pitting Rob Killjoy, Timmy Lou Retton & Jefferson Early against each other in what turned into an entertaining fast-paced bout. Killjoy overcame both the ring announcer and two opponents to add a pinfall win to the record book.

The $outh$ide Playas' J-Money & Will B. Smooth were led to the ring by Nick D to take on the team of Aaron Biggs & James Anthony in tag team competition. A fast-paced beat down kicked off but was soon taken to the pace chosen by Biggs, who won the bout by pinfall for his team despite promoter Jimmy Harris sliding into the ring to make the three count after the referee was pulled from the ring. Harris paid the price for doing his job, being attacked by the Playas, his shirt ripped off and three Will B. Smooth chops to the chest in the corner. Harris turned clutching his chest and Smooth added a bonus across his shoulders.

Scrap Yard Dog w/Nick D was out next to do battle against the bizarre Oouga Booga in singles action. The two veterans clobbered each other like a large amount of money was owed and Oouga Booga left the arena with a pinfall win.

The Mid Atlantic Outlaws' Louis Moore & Matt Houston were up next taking on the team of the Brutes' Mark James and Scrap Yard Dog w/Nick D in tag team action. Brute force met scientific wrestling and resulted in the Outlaws winning a hard-earned battle by pinfall.

Brandon Day was out next to go one-on-one against the "Army of One" Marcellus King with manager Nick D. The two big men may have set off earthquake warnings when they collided like raging bulls in the center of the squared circle. When the dust cleared, the referee raised the hand of Day who was victorious with a hard-earned pinfall win.

Chet Sterling hit the arena next to wrestle Arik Royal for the new American Legion Heavyweight Championship. Sterling withstood the assault of the larger Royal, kept getting up after getting knocked down and put enough together to get Royal's shoulders on the canvas for the three count and a title to add to his collection.

Scotty Mathews hit the ring for the Memorial Madness main event to take on "The Alpha of Omega" Trevor Lee. A hard-hitting match erupted after both men addressed the fans. Mathews made the most of his size advantage controlling much of the bout by leverage alone. Lee never once backed down but came out on the wrong end of the afternoon's final pinfall with Mathews taking the duke.

The most important statistic from Memorial Madness is that this event raised $1,800.00 for the American Legion #427 in Haw River NC. Thanks to everyone who witnessed the event and to those who donated!

(Above) Scotty Mathews moonlights as a lighting technician while awaiting the introduction of opponent Trevor Lee at Haw River NC's American Legion #427 during MEMORIAL MADNESS!


Josh Adams drops a knee on Jimmy Harris III in rookie singles bonus action.

Adams drives a knee to the spine of Harris on the canvas.

The "Lost Cause" Nick Richards enters to kick off Memorial Madness.

Opponent Smith Garrett is unimpressed.

Garrett powers Richards to the canvas.

Zane Riley makes his entrance for singles action.

Referee Cain Justice attempts to keep Otto Schwanz in the far corner to allow the start of the bout.

Schwanz grabs an ankle and sends Riley scrambling for the ring ropes for a break.

Jefferson Early pounds the back of Timmy Lou Retton as Rob Killjoy awaits his turn in three-way singles action.

Killjoy reacts to a chop by Retton on the ropes.

Early finds himself the only man standing and surveys the ring.

The $outh$ide Playas' Will B. Smooth takes the big ride as Aaron Biggs slams him in tag team action.

Biggs delivers a headbutt to the Playas' J-Money.

James Anthony stands over J-Money as he tries to get up off of the canvas.

Oouga Booga drives Scrap Yard Dog into the corner turnbuckles with a flurry of shots to the body in singles action.

Booga sets up the Dog for a headbutt.

Scrap brings the veteran presence to the bout and catches Oouga Booga long enough to tie him up.

Mid Atlantic Outlaw Matt Houston cranks on the arm of Scrap Yard Dog as Louis Moore awaits his turn on the ring apron in tag team action.

The Brutes' Mark James bodyslams Houston to the wooden floor at ringside.

James discusses world politics with a fan at ringside while Scrap takes care of business in the ring.

"Army of One" Marcellus King finds Brandon Day grasping him from behind in singles action.

King catches Day in a hammerlock face-down on the canvas.

Day turns the tide and works over the big arm of King.

Arik Royal drives into Chet Sterling for the new American Legion Heavyweight Championship.

Sterling cranks on the face of Royal on the canvas.

Royal offers to take Sterling to school.

Chet Sterling adds another trophy to his growing trophy case!

"The Alpha of Omega" Trevor Lee cranks on the arm of Scotty Mathews in main event singles action.

Mathews displays how to overcome youthful drive with leverage.

Mathews refuses to let go of Lee, regardless of his attempts to break the hold.

Scotty Mathews goes behind Trevor Lee on the canvas.

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