PWI Night Of Champions IV Report

Zane Dawson Begins Second Reign Of Terror As PWI International Heavyweight Champion At Conclusion of PWI Night Of Champions IV!

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Mid Atlantic Sportatorium

1001 Springwood Ave.

Gibsonville, NC


Arik Royal defeated Zane Riley by pinfall in PWI International Heavyweight Title Play-In action to advance to the main event PWI International Heavyweight Title bout.

The Dangerous E-lliance's masked "Sis" defeated "Crazy" Mary Dobson by pinfall in ladies action.

Trevor Lee defeated the "Southern Savior" John Skyler by pinfall in PWI International Heavyweight Title Play-In action to advance to the main event PWI International Heavyweight Title bout.

One half of the Mid-Atlantic Tag-Team Champions Chet Sterling & Smith Garrett upset The Brutes' Mark James & Jimmy Parker in tag team action.

Rob "Boogie Woogie Man" McBride & Aaron Biggs defeated Rage & the Machine's Mecha Mercenary & Michael "the Fury" McAllister with "Sis" in a wild Texas Tornado Match. After the bout, Mecha and the Dangerous E-lliance attacked McBride and attempted to cut off his beard, until Biggs intervened and McBride & Biggs ended up cutting off Mecha's beard. A dejected Mecha threw his mask back into the ring as he left the arena.

Nikki Storm defeated Su Yung by pinfall in ladies singles action and was then recruited after the match by Coach Gemini, who announced Storm representing the All Stars vs. Amy Love at next week's CWF Madness In Any Direction.

Zane Dawson got the duke over "the 1st" Ric Converse by forfeit in scheduled PWI International Heavyweight Title Play-In action, advancing to the main event PWI Title bout. Andrew Everett, who had been attacked by Dawson and the Riot earlier in the night then stormed the ring and fought Dawson for several minutes until being KO'd by a steel chair.

PWI International Ultra-J Crown Champion Ethan Case fought former champion Lance Lude to a no-contest after the Riot stormed the ring and attacked both men, insisting that Dawson's PWI Championship Match begin immediately.

"One Man R!ot" Zane Dawson defeated Arik Royal and Trevor Lee with an assist from The Riot to win the PWI International Heavyweight Championship. Afterward a six man tag-team elimination match was made for next week at the Sportatorium with Everett, Royal and Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Brad Attitude volunteering. The CWF locker room emptied in a stand off with the Riot until two men stormed the ring with chairs attacking everyone. Those two were later revealed as Aric Andrews and Dave Dawson, joining the Riot as the entire locker room was attacked.

(Above) "One Man R!ot" Zane Dawson regains his lost PWI International Heavyweight Title following three-way main event title action at PWI Night Of Champions IV at Gibsonville NC's Mid Atlantic Sportatorium.

Live from PWI Night Of Champions IV!

Arik Royal checks for a busted lip after being attacked by Zane Riley in PWI International Heavyweight Title Play-In action.

Royal connects with a blistering chop across the chest of Riley.

Riley leans on Royal as he cranks on his cranium on the canvas.

Zane Riley drops an axhandle on Royal as he returns to his feet.

The Dangerous E-lliance's Sis unloads on Crazy Mary Dobson in singles action.

Dobson connects with a flying dropkick.

Sis returns the favor from the top turnbuckle.

Sis powers up Dobson for a body slam.

"Southern Savior" John Skyler cranks on the head of Trevor Lee in PWI International Heavyweight Title Play-In action.

Skyler counts his teeth as Lee struggles to get off of the canvas.

Trevor Lee gets back to his feet with Skyler circling for the kill.

John Skyler runs toward the turnbuckles that Lee is flying from with a double stomp attempt.

The Brutes' Jimmy Parker sets up Chet Sterling for his partner Mark James in tag team action.

Parker works over Sterling as his partner Smith Garrett gets the crowd fired up.

James guards the back of Parker as he continues to wear down Chet Sterling.

Garrett catches Jimmy Parker and drops the back of his head on the canvas with an assist from gravity and inertia.

Rob "Boogie Woogie Man" McBride drives a shoulder into the midsection of Rage & the Machine's Mecha Mercenary in tag team action.

Aaron Biggs checks his back after clobbering Michael "the Fury" McAllister.

Biggs and McBride prepare to drop double elbows on the prone McAllister.

Biggs assists by holding Mecha as McBride cuts off his beard!

Su Yung catches the ropes and prepares to roll under Nikki Storm in the corner in singles action.

Storm stands over Yung after dropping her to the canvas.

Su Yung grimaces in pain as Storm advances on her yet again.

Coach Gemini makes a pitch for Nikki Storm to join the "International Team" of the All-Stars.

Lance Lude ties up PWI International Ultra-J Crown Champion Ethan Case in title rematch action.

Case explores the boundaries of the rules as Lude catches his breath in the ropes.

Case catches Lude from behind and ties him up.

The Riot's Zane Dawson shoots Lance Lude over the ring ropes as Nick Richards lends his partner a hand, then demands the main event begin immediately!

Trevor Lee attempts to German suplex Arik Royal as "One Man R!ot" Zane Dawson returns to his feet in three-way PWI International Heavyweight Title action.

Dawson ascends the ropes above a prone Royal.

Lee winds up for a haymaker to the chops of Dawson in the ring ropes.

Royal shoots Lee into the ropes by the neck.

Zane Dawson celebrates after winning the PWI International Heavyweight Title for a second time!

Nick Richards drives a chair into the throat of CWF official Brad Stutts after he's been clobbered several times with the steel.

Dave Dawson unmasks as one of the two new members of the Riot after destroying everyone in CWF with steel chairs.

Aric Andrews turns his back to the crowd after removing his hood and announcing his membership with the Riot.

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