A PWI Ultra-J Showcase Happens And Suddenly The CWF Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Wants In On It!

A Special Report!

Mid Atlantic Sportatorium

Gibsonville, NC


Before festivities began, a Rising Generation League kickoff bout was set to pit Flash Nash from Ricky Morton's School of Morton against Dirty Daddy of the CWF Mid-Atlantic Dojo until Aric Andrews of The Riot stormed the ring attacking both men and ultimately defeating Nash, proclaiming the Riot would tear down everything about CWF including it's future.

Chris "Sho Smoove" Lea defeated Lance Lude after rolling through a dragon rana into a sunset flip.

Rising Generation League Champion Jesse Adler defeated Roy Wilkins w/Coach Gemini thus earning a 1 on 1 match-up against Coach Gemini on Sat Nov 7.

2015 CWF Rumble winner Smith Garrett def. Darius Lockhart with a crucifix pin after Smith goaded Lockhart into thinking he'd knocked Smith out.

Teams for the Cage of Death on Friday November 20 were drafted as Lee Valiant of the Riot selected Aric Andrews and in a bit of a surprise, Nick Richards as his teammates. Arik Royal then selected "Assassin" Ray Kandrack and was about to announce their 3rd teammate when retired former Television Champion "Handsome" Mitch Connor made an impassioned plea that HE be allowed onto the team to fight after 4 years where he was forced to be a spectator on the sidelines. However, Connor said he would only go back on his word and return to the ring on one condition: if Kandrack, who defeated Connor with his career at stake 4 years ago, would give his blessing for Connor to do so. We have reached out to Kandrack for a reply and will pass it along as soon as we hear from him.

Mid-Atlantic Television Champion Chet Sterling defeated Kamakazi Kid w/Coach Gemini with mere seconds to spare before the 10 minute time limit ran out. Kazi seemed to have the bout won after a huge Liger bomb, but defied Coach's orders to go for the pin and instead flew off the top rope where Sterling ultimately caught Kazi in a pinning predicament.

Pro Wrestling International Ultra J Champion Ethan Case def. Prakash Sabar w/Ethan Alexander Sharpe to retain his title. Sharpe negotiated Sabar a title shot after Sabar won a Contender's Gauntlet on Sept 12 with Sharpe vowing to ruin Case's title reign much like Case ruined Sharpe's historic "iron man" run in the 2015 CWF Rumble.

After the bout, Case was confronted by Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Marcellus King who was offended that the Ultra J division was being given the spotlight ahead of the Mid Atlantic Championship. King offered to put his title on the line against Case in an impromptu main event.

CWF Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Marcellus King and PWI Ultra J Champion Ethan Case fought to a 30-minute time limit draw that saw Case frantically trying to obtain a pinfall as time ran out. Case and a thunderous crowd at the Mid Atlantic Sportatorium chanted for more time which King agreed to but then he knocked Case out with his rolling elbow before the bout could officially restart.

King THEN confronted 2015 Rumble winner Smith Garrett who joined security and officials in tending to Case after the bout, with King saying Smith had also stolen spotlight that he as Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Champion rightfully deserved. Garrett stood up to the champion and announced he would cash in his guaranteed title shot on Saturday November 7 against King for the Mid-Atlantic Championship.

CWF Mid-Atlantic returns to the Mid-Atlantic Sportatorium on Sat Nov 7 with MARCELLUS KING VS. SMITH GARRETT for the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship, Jesse Adler v. Coach Gemini in a huge grudge match, Television Champion Chet Sterling and SO much more!

(Above) PWI International Ultra-J Crown Champion Ethan Case headlines the PWI Ultra-J Showcase at Gibsonville NC's Mid Atlantic Sportatorium!


Aric Andrews hits the ring from the lobby as ring introductions for a dark match are being made.

After disposing of Dirty Daddy, Andrews turns his ire toward Flash Nash.

Andrews tries to make a lasting impression on young Nash.

Injury and insult combined as Aric Andrews drops his full body weight onto Flash Nash.

Chris "Sho Smoove" Lea tries to keep the shoulders of Lance Lude on the canvas in singles action.

Lude feels the stretching of his spine as Lea ties him up on the canvas.

A gentleman's agreement is made mid-match concerning a suddenly-popular "wrestling move".

Chris Lea ties up Lance Lude like a pretzel in the center of the ring.

Jesse Adler goes behind Roy Wilkins in special stipulation singles action.

Coach Gemini nods off thinking Wilkins has the match well in hand.

Adler cranks on the wrist of the former Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Champion.

Roy Wilkins rains ringboots on the prone Rising Generation League Champion.

Darius Lockhart tries to collect himself on the floor at ringside after tangling with Smith Garrett in the ring.

Lockhart takes Garrett to the canvas with a questionable "chinlock".

Garrett hit his limit and decides he's had enough.

Darius Lockhart and Smith Garrett go toe-to-toe!

"Lost Cause" Nick Richards agrees to team with the Riot in the Cage of Death...

"Handsome" Mitch Connor makes a pitch to Ray Kandrack to allow him to return to the ring for the Cage of Death!

CWF Mid Atlantic Television Champion Chet Sterling goes behind challenger Kamakazi Kid with a hammerlock.

Kazi takes out some recent frustrations on Sterling on the canvas.

Sterling flies over Kazi as he runs across the ring.

Kamakazi Kid and Chet Sterling grapple from a vertical base.

Challenger Prakash Sabar puts the boots to PWI International Ultra-J Crown Champion Ethan Case in the ropes.

Sabar shows Case a shortcut to the floor.

Case goes straight to the face of Sabar.

Prakash Sabar goes back to the kicks attacking Ethan Case.

CWF Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Champion "Army of One" Marcellus King puts his title up against Ethan Case and goes to work!

Case catches his breath as King stalks him from across the ring.

Ethan Case tries to find a way out of the champion's leg scissors.

Marcellus King lies motionless across the second rope after striking his head on the steel ring post.

Case evicts the corner as King delivers a potentially career-ending boot.

Smith Garrett announces he's cashing in his Rumble win for a shot at King's title.

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