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RCW BOOGIE'S 75th BIRTHDAY BASH - LIZARD LICK STYLE Rocked Riders In The Country Like Never Before!

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Riders In The Country

Randleman NC


RCW BOOGIE'S BIRTHDAY BASH kicked off with Rob "Boogie Woogie Man" McBride asking everyone to stand for a 10-bell salute for our friend George Rider, who passed away earlier this year. McBride then introduced the birthday boy himself, "Handsome" Jimmy Valiant and then brought out Lizard Lick's Ronnie and Amy Shirley. The celebration then turned to RWA owner Julian Strauss, who entered with a birthday cake complete with candle for Valiant. Strauss' demeanor turned sour and he began insulting the legend to the point that Valiant shoved the cake in the face of his tormenter! All before the opening bell.

Wrestling action kicked off with Ethan Alexander Sharpe squaring off against the popular Dirty Daddy, a former tag partner of Jimmy Valiant's in Memphis. The two put up a fight that appeared to become personal with Daddy putting the boots to Sharpe and taking a pinfall win in under ten minutes.

Six-man tag team action was up next as Jimi Love, Johnny Roxville and Thunderfoot hit the ring to take on Robert Stanley, Sinn Crowley & "Simple Man" Jeff Flowers. Bodies flew around the ring and hit the canvas from bell to bell with the fan favorites dropping the duke to the Love, Roxville and Thunderfoot team by pinfall.

Kool J was out next for a singles bout against Snooty Foxx. Kool J proves over and over again that he has an incredible sized heart to take on men much larger than himself and takes the fight to Foxx at the bell. Eventually Snooty Foxx got a grasp on him and nearly pressed him into the fan over the ring. Foxx won the battle and the match, but Kool J made an impression on the RCW fans of not backing down.

RCW Heavyweight Champion Scrap Yard Dog was up next to defend his title against "the 1st" Ric Converse. Two men who have not faced each other in the ring in nearly a decade lit up the building with electricity. In a back and forth bout, Converse took a steel chain from Scrap before he could use it against him, and tucked it into his tights. Converse then dropped Scrap to the canvas, got the three-count and was announced as the new RCW Champion. During the confusion after, the referee spots the steel chain in Converse's possession and reverses his decision, awarding the belt back to Scrap Yard Dog.

The thirteen man George Riders Memorial Battle Royal for the George Rider Cup saw Snooty Foxx, Nick Richards, Kool J, Ethan Alexander Sharpe, Mr. Kingfish, "Terrific" Tony Benge, Dark Angel, Thomas Draven, Sinn Crowley, "Simple Man" Jeff Flowers, "Pimp Daddy" Brian Hall, Dirty Daddy & Sgt. Stryker create mayhem with each trying to toss the others to the floor at the bell. "Terrific" Tony thought he had won it all, but Brian Hall had pretty much stayed out of everyone's sights by staying low in a corner for the last few moments of the match and tossing the celebrating Tony over the ropes to the floor for the win.

Before intermission could begin, Jarry Carey grabbed a mic and went to the ring to introduce Coach Gemini for a special Rider's episode of Coach's Corner. Instead of the Coach's music, the USMC Marine Band's rendition of Hail To The Chief roared and a Secret Service detail entered with POTUS and made their way into the ring. The Donald explained the "repeal and replace" options of Obamacare before calling out "Pimp Daddy" Brian Hall and stripping him of the Food Stamp Championship. The Donald explained that he was no longer giving out food stamps, he was giving out job applications! As POTUS exits the building, the Dawson Brothers hit the ring and Coach Gemini rushes in looking for the nation's chief executive, who had already left.

RCW YouTube Champion "Handsome" Mitch Connor was out next to defend his championship against Blackjack Ryker. Connor had the match in hand at the five minute mark, rolled up Ryker at the 6:35 mark for the pin and was then clobbered by the title belt in the hands of "Terrific" Tony Benge, allowing Ryker to roll up the champion and win the title. "Terrific" Tony and Blackjack Ryker celebrated together as visions of Kurt Solo danced in the air above the ring.

The Mid Atlantic Outlaws' Louis Moore and Matt Houston entered with the masked Paco Loco to take on the Boogie Woogie Menz's "Handsome" Jimmy Valiant and Rob McBride and partner Ronnie Shirley in main event six-man tag team action. The Dawson Brothers, Dave and Zane, Nick D and Jody Collins all entered with the Outlaws and Amy Shirley joined her husband in the corner at ringside. After a few minutes of battle, the seconds at ringside became involved in the bout in both team's corners. The ring official had Riders Security escort Nick D, Jody Collins and the Dawsons out of the building and the bout continued in a different direction with the fan favorites winning the main by pinfall.

Following the match and the exit of winners, the Dawson/Nick D/Collins entourage rushed back in demanding the house mic from Lizard Lick's Ronnie Shirley. He gave it to Zane Dawson after warning him he only had 30 seconds to speak, as the ring would empty in 35. At the 35 second mark, Shirley spun back toward the ring with a fire extinguisher and white-washed the ring and stage as the Outlaws and entourage rushed away from the chemical attack in panic.

And despite not mentioning it before in this write-up, Lick Life's debut episode will incorporate footage shot at RCW BOOGIE'S BIRTHDAY BASH. A full film crew was on hand all afternoon and evening taking in everything that went on around the venue and the festivities held outside during the evening. When they announce what network this program airs on and a debut date, you will see it HERE!

(Above) Fair Warning's Brian Hall shows off the George Rider Memorial Cup after winning the namesake Battle Royal at RCW BOOGIE'S BIRTHDAY BASH at Randleman NC's Riders In The Country.

Live From #RCW2017!

Everything set up for RCW Boogie's Birthday Bash - Lizard Lick Style!

Last minute prep as the building fills up...

Did I mention the place was packed?

The Guest of Honor, "Handsome" Jimmy Valiant makes his entrance.

The original "Boogie Woogie Man" testifies to his peoples with Rob "Boogie Woogie Man" McBride and the owner and host looking on.

Julian Strauss interrupts the open and welcome segment of the evening bearing a gift.

The Boogie Woogie Mens get the fans ready for wrestling action at Riders.

Ethan Alexander Sharpe enters the ring for an RCW singles bout.

Fan favorite Dirty Daddy hits the arena to take on Sharpe.

Sharpe gouges the eye of Dirty Daddy in an attempt to make him break his grasp on his left arm.

Snooty Foxx presses Kool J over his head and threatens to toss him into the second row!

Foxx once again challenges the low ceiling with the spine of Kool J.

RCW Heavyweight Champion Scrap Yard Dog hits the ring to defend his title.

Scrap works over challenger "The 1st" Ric Converse with a leg scissors on the canvas.

Scrap Yard Dog goes for the throat of Converse in the ropes.

The official asks the champion if he wants to submit late in the bout.

The George Rider Memorial Battle Royal begins!

Mr. Kingfish drops some chops across the chest of Nick Richards during the Rider Cup Battle Royal.

As promised by Coach Gemini, POTUS appears at Riders In The Country!

The Donald calls out Food Stamp Champion Brian Hall to Repeal his title.

Hall appears with his title as requested to be surrounded by the Dawson Brothers and the POTUS' entourage.

The Dawsons repeal the Food Stamp Champion's title.

Coach Gemini arrives moments after POTUS had exited the ring for his limo.

Jimmy Valiant and Lizard Lick's Ronnie Shirley end the talking portion of the evening.

Blackjack Ryker hits the ring for RCW Youtube Championship action.

RCW Youtube Champ "A Very Handsome Man" Mitch Connor goes straight to the face of the angry Texan.

Connor realizes his opponent is tied up in the ring ropes!

"Handsome" Jimmy Valiant grabs the nose of Mid Atlantic Outlaw Matt Houston in main event six-man tag team action.

Rob "Boogie Woogie Man" McBride holds on to Mid Atlantic Outlaw Louis Moore so Amy Shirley can visit for a moment in-ring.

The POTUS' entourage attack McBride in the ropes.

Ronnie Shirley considers checking the oil of Robert Stanley but it appears Valiant has the situation already in hand.

Paco Loco tries to shoot McBride across the ring.

Snowstorm. White out. The event ends with a well-timed shot from a fire extinguisher to clear the ring of the POTUS' entourage following the main event.

Photos by "Stunning" Steve Zeban and Randy Hedrick for the IndyInsiders.Com!

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