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Let's Take A Little Journey To A Magical Place Called Riders In The Country For Riders Championship Wrestling, Ya'll...

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Riders In The Country

Randleman, NC


There is a magic place off of the beaten path in rural Randleman North Carolina that is known as a local watering hole and a long-time venue for the area's hottest bands called Riders In The Country. Sometimes, whenever the need arises, Riders becomes a venue for professional wrestling where quarrels are settled and wrongs are made right again...

Riders proves itself a proper establishment for putting aside disbelief and for meeting with friends with similar interests and the perfect environment for R.C.W.'s BOOGIES BIRTHDAY BASH LIZARD LICK STYLE! After a detailed introduction to the evening's players, movers and shakers, pro wrestling action broke out with "Lost Cause" Nick Richards defeating the quite angry Ethan Alexander Sharpe by pinfall in singles action.

Rex Chapel and Sinn Krowley were out next to beat the living tar out of each other, with Chapel walking away with his hand raised by the referee. The Battle Royal For The Rider Cup was up next, after several failed attempts to rile up the referees for delivering messages of card changes. More than a dozen competitors hit the ring and the last man standing is a regular Riders Battle Royal competitor who happened to win his FIRST professional match, Allen Littleton.

A literal Battle Of The Bands erupts next with the lead vocalists of Fair Warning and Damifino battling for Brian Hall's Food Stamp Championship. Damifino's Billy Creason got a pinfall win, counted by a replacement referee after Guest Referee Rob "Boogie Woogie Man" McBride was knocked flat in the match. Before the belt could change hands, McBride grabbed the house mic and ordered the decision reversed, with Fair Warning's Brian Hall losing by disqualification for hitting the referee. By rule, Hall retained the Food Stamp strap.

Steven Frye led the Mid Atlantic Outlaws' Louis Moore & Matt Houston to the ring to complain about the wrestling that had been presented up until that point in the evening. "Handsome" Jimi Love & Jacob Ryan took excpetion to their comments and challenged the Outlaws, who accepted and stepped through the ropes. The Outlaws left the arena as angry as when they arrived, after being defeated by pinfall by the team of Love & Ryan.

Four of the area's top names entered the ring for the next bout for the vacant RCW YouTube Championship. "Terrific" Tony Benge, Boss Hogg, Sgt. Stryker & "Handsome" Mitch Connor answered the bell to battle for the belt with the veteran Connor winning the title.

Due to the RCW Heavyweight Title being surrendered the week of the event, names were literally drawn from a hat to determine who would compete for the company's top championship. Scrapyard Dog and Paco Loco, two of RCW's veteran performers, answered the bell and got brutal. The added advantage of a second at ringside helped the Scrapyard Dog walk away with yet another major title.

"One Man R!ot" Zane Dawson, Jimmy Parker & Robert Stanley were led to the squared circle by Jody "By God" Collins for the main event six-man tag team battle. The building shook as their opponents, Rob "Boogie Woogie Man" McBride, Lizard Lick's Ronnie Shirley & "Handsome" Jimmy Valiant hit the ring with Amy Shirley in tow to answer their challenge.

What We Learned At Riders In The Country...First off, you don't mess with the McBrides, The Shirleys or the Valiants at this magical place, with the fan favorites winning the night after nearly 20 minutes of battle. Secondly, we met the man that trained Rob McBride, veteran Barry Cohen. Third, George Rider and his entire staff at Riders In The Country are the most gracious hosts a travellin' rasslin' show could ever ask for. Fourth, George Rider Hot Dogs are still ONLY ONE DOLLAR! They go down easy, 'cause he makes 'em greasy!"

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(Above) Allen Littleton celebrates his win of the Riders Cup Battle Royal at RCW's BOOGIE's BIRTHDAY BASH LIZARD LICK STYLE at Randleman NC's Riders In The Country.

Live From Boogie's Birthday Bash Lizard Lick Style!

Photos by "Stunning" Steve Zeban for the Independent Insiders

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