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New Champions Crowned, Rivalries Renewed, Hatchets Buried at RCW Benefit For Cheyenne White!

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Riders In The Country

Greensboro NC


"Prince of Heat" Court Montgomery and Surfer Jay Odyssey kicked off the RCW Benefit event in singles action, with both men sharing the spotlight in the squared circle. The give and take bout ran out of time before either man could gain a victory and was ruled a time limit draw as time expired during a pinfall attempt.

"New Era" Jimmy Parker, one half of the RCW Tag Team Champions, hit the ring with both title belts, surrendering them to the Commissioner due to his partner leaving the wrestling business. Parker was given the right to find a new partner and challenge for the titles again when RCW returns to Riders In The Country on October 23rd, but still had to deal with "Big Time" David Saunders in singles action. The two big men clashed tooth and nail, a rematch from the Aug. 6th Cheyenne White Benefit from Mocksville NC. Being familiar with each other, they obviously have no love lost as Parker was able to walk away with his hand raised following a pinfall win.

The 2011 Riders Cup Championship was on the line in the Riders Rumble, an over the top rope, pinfall and/or submission kicked off with fourteen competitors brawling in the ring for the Cup. The final four, Chase Dakota, Mecha Mercenary, Mr. Kingfish & Riders Rebel #6, all members of Mr. Kingfish's School for Gifted Youngsters, started eliminating themselves, with Dakota jumping over the top rope followed by big Mecha stepping over it to the floor. Mr. Kingfish demanded that the masked Rebel jump over the top ropes and allow him to walk out for the second straight year as Rider Cup Champion, but the Rebel instead unmasked, revealing "One Man Boy Band" Roo-D Lewis, who sent Kingfish to the canvas for the pinfall win. As Lewis celebrated his win, former RCW Champion Tank Lawson hit the ring and attacked Lewis, demanding a shot at Lewis for the Cup on Oct. 23.

Looking like a parade, the team of "Hard Times" Ty Dillinger, Old School Mafia's Matt Houston & Louis Moore w/Jimi Love & Shante Avery for six-man tag action against the fan favorites Fatback Enterprises' Donnie Dollar$ & "Young Gun" Nick Richards & Joe Black w/Brad Stutts. After a "strut-off" between Love and Stutts, war broke out inside of the squared circle and soon spilled into the ringside areas. Almost 20 minutes of low blows, dirty tricks and referee distractions ended with Dillinger & the Mafia having their hands raised in victory following a piledriver on Richards. The celebration was short-lived, however, as Avery found herself in the ring with an angry Donnie Dollar$, who took her up on her challenge to hit her. Dollar$ floored the woman and Stutts and Black joined forces for the Fatback Splash on her before helping Richards to the locker room area.

Mr. Kingfish led the Scrap Yard Dog to the ring to battle Monopoly Man's Ooga Booga for the vacant RCW YouTube Title. After Kingfish landed on Monopoly's hotel, both men were forced to exit the arena as the battle raged inside of the ring. A blistering array of chops ensued and the two renewed their rivalry from years ago with a vengeance. Referee J.R. Jackson found himself sandwiched in the corner with SYD due to a Ooga splash, and was staring at the ceiling as SYD pulled out his steel chain and clobbered Ooga Booga for the pinfall win.

Mr. Kingfish led Chase Dakota & Mecha Mercenary to the ring to do battle against the Just Us League's Cade Sydak & Suicide Test Dummy for the vacant RCW Tag Team Titles. The two teams went into the high impact mode early on, with Kingfish's men keeping the heat turned up to broil for most of the battle. Mr. Kingfish climbed up onto the ring apron with his cane and swung for the fences, connecting with Mecha instead of one of their opponents and the big masked man chased the manager out of the arena, leaving Dakota to fight two-on-one against the young high-flyers. The war of numbers was decided by a pinfall win following a double-team drop, crowning the Just Us League as new RCW Tag Champions.

Chuck King teamed with Sudden Impact's Lumbee Warrior & "the 1st" Ric Converse w/Ken Spence to go to war with the "Iceman" Joe Storm & Beauty and the Beast's L.A. Wild One & Rob "Boogie Woogie Man" McBride w/Persuasion in six-man main event tag action. The old school competitors turned up the heat another notch in Riders as all six men showed they still were in prime main event condition despite manager Spence wielding a steel chain of his own. The fan favorites took the fight to their opponents after a well-placed diversion by Persuasion left all three members of Spence's team staring open-mouthed, rolling up all three competitors for the three-count at the same time!

The main event competitors immediately helped each other to their feet, shook hands and celebrated in the ring, with Wild One thanking everyone for helping his family out in their time of need. Posing for photos as the fans began to trickle out of the facility, hatchets were buried and smiles broke out in the ring.

RCW returns to Greensboro NC's Riders In The Country on Sunday Oct. 23rd at 7:30pm for another full card of pro wrestling action!

(Above) Rob "Boogie Woogie Man" McBride catches "the 1st" Ric Converse in the Saturday Night Superstar in main event action at Greensboro NC's Riders In The Country.

Live From Riders In The Country!

Court Montgomery tries to keep Surfer Jay Odyssey grounded in singles action.

Odyssey cranks on the wrist of Montgomery.

"Arrogant" Aric Andrews wipes out the first bout following the bell.

"New Era" Jimmy Parker surrenders the RCW Tag Team Titles to the Commissioner after announcing he can't locate his championship tag partner.

Parker shoots "Big Time" David Saunders across the ring into the ropes in singles action.

Saunders cranks on the chin of Parker on the canvas.

Mr. Kingfish hides in the corner as his army eliminate others in the Riders Rumble for the 2011 George Rider Cup.

Kingfish mouths off to the ringside fans as Riders Rebel #6, Chase Dakota & Mecha Mercenary guard the perimeter.

"One Man Boy Band" Roo-D Lewis celebrates winning the George Rider Cup after unmasking!

Tank Lawson climbs into the ring and demands a shot for the Cup on Oct. 23rd.

Donnie Dollar$, "Young Gun" Nick Richards & Joe Black enjoy watching manager Brad Stutts in a "strut-off" against Jimi Love.

Dollar$ offers a helping hand to Old School Mafia's Louis Moore as he sails over the top ropes in six-man tag team action.

Old School Mafia's Matt Houston catches his breath in his own corner with Moore and teammate "Hard Times" Ty Dillinger.

Moore measures Joe Black for a shot to the face.

Houston tries to ground Black on the canvas.

Dollar$ calls for his manager to get busy after he clotheslines Shante Avery to the canvas POST-MATCH!

Houston, Dillinger, Love & Moore look on in horror from the floor.

Avery feels the brunt of the Fatback Splash, performed by Stutts and Black.

During intermission, we find Tank Lawson enjoying an adult beverage from the George Rider Cup trophy!

Ooga Booga sets up Scrap Yard Dog for a head butt in action for the vacant RCW YouTube Title.

Scrap can't get away from the pesky Booga in the middle of the ring.

SYD exits the ring as the new RCW YouTube Champion.

Just Us League's Suicide Test Dummy leg scissors the head of Chase Dakota in tag action for the vacant RCW Tag Team Titles.

The Just Us League's Cade Sydal & Suicide toss Dakota into his partner Mecha Mercenary, who's tied up in the ring ropes.

Dakota looks for a bib as he dribbles on the prone Dummy.

Mecha is unhappy with the Just Us League.

"Iceman" Joe Storm shoots "the 1st" Ric Converse into the opposite corner in six-man main event tag action.

Lumbee Warrior measures Storm for a blistering chop.

L.A. Wild One collides with Chuck King in the middle of the ring.

Converse, Lumbee & King take advantage of Rob "Boogie Woogie Man" McBride as he's trapped in the wrong corner.

Converse tries to finish off McBride on the canvas.

Lumbee looks shocked as McBride makes yet another comeback with the help of his peoples.

Converse drops a knee across the skull of McBride.

King pounds on the cranium of Storm in the corner turnbuckles.

Manager Ken Spence calls his team to the ropes as Persuasion captures his attention.

All six competitors celebrate following the triple roll up.

L.A. Wild One bids the fans farewell after thanking them for helping him and his family with medical bills.

"Iceman" Joe Storm, Rob "Boogie Woogie Man" McBride, referee Redd Jones, "the 1st" Ric Converse, L.A. Wild One, Lumbee Warrior, Chuck King and Ken Spence take a final bow before the ring cleared for the evening.

Photos by Randy Hedrick for the Independent Insiders

Additional Photos by Scott from IWC Fancam for the Independent Insiders! Thanks Scott!

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