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Lizard Lick Towing Company's Ronnie, Amy & Bobby join Rob "Boogie Woogie Man" McBride For Eight-Person Tag Action Against Team Kingfish!

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Riders In The Country

Randleman NC


The masked Mecha Mercenary kicked off the night's wrestling action by dispatching Tony the Beach Bum in under two minutes. The Bum found himself on the canvas seconds after the bell and was unable to muster any offense whatsoever against the mechanical monster!

Robert Royal was out next for singles action against big David Saunders. Royal took the brunt of his opponent's attacks, but kept taking shortcuts to get himself a breather and force the referee to call for a break en route to taking Saunders to the canvas for a pinfall win with Royal's feet on the middle turnbuckle behind the referee's back.

Veteran Chuck King hit the ring next for singles action against young Surfer J Odyssey. The young competitor went hard and fast but the veteran waited him out and took him to the canvas with a mean streak, finally pinning the game youngster for the three-count and the win.

Tag team action was up next as Dick Foley & Mark James hit the arena to do battle against the team of Dream Warrior & Joey Eads. Foley hit the ring area with his signature barbed-wire bat and actually passed it to a fan at ringside before the bell. After the two teams felt each other out, the Foley/James team took their opponents to the canvas in submission moves with both Warrior and Eads tapping out at the same time.

"Rockstar" Jersey Kidd hit the Rider's arena next for singles action against Marcus Streets. The two put on an entertaining bout of high-impact and high-flying combinations with the tide of battle flowing in both men's advantage during their competition. Jersey Kidd came out as the winner with a convincing pinfall as the match's time limit was expiring.

The Great Outdoors' "Man Scout" Jake Manning, Grizzly Redwood & Corey Havok were up next for six-man tag action against the team of PWI International Ultra-J Crown Champion "Midnight Sun" Caleb Konley, "Zebra Kid" Jimmy Jannetty & PWX Heavyweight Champion Rhett Titus. A non-stop merry-go-round of violence ensued with all six competitors trying to out-do their opponents until it broke down with all six men battling in the squared circle. The Great Outdoors team took the three-way pinfall win over their opponents, with each member of the team pinning one of their three opponents at the same time!

The RCW YouTube Championship was up for grabs next as champion Scrap Yard Dog found himself across the ring from 7 Oh! 4's Cedric Alexander after advertised opponent Ooga Booga was unable to make the event due to transportation issues. Scrap took the change in stride and went to war with the hard-hitting Alexander in perhaps the most violent bout of the evening. The battle spilled onto the floor in front of the ring and made it's way back into the squared circle with SYD keeping his wits about him and pinning Alexander to retain his title.

Tank Lawson w/Monopoly Man hit the ring next to battle RCW Riders Cup Champion "One Man Boy Band" Roo-D Lewis for the Rider Cup. Lawson went berserk early, pounding on Lewis, who came to the ring while Lawson was bad-mouthing him on the house mic before the bell. Lewis found himself taking the brunt of the former RCW Champion's ire, including taking a Monopoly House across the back of his head during the bout. Lewis pulled off the impossible, taking big Tank Lawson to the canvas for a three-count to retain the championship...And then things got ugly. Chuck King joined Lawson in the ring and the two attacked Lewis before he could exit the ring. Taking the house mic they declared that they were now a tag team and would be known as Dysfunctional Disorder after pounding Lewis to a pulp.

AIWF World Heavyweight Champion Jimi Love made his way to the ring with AIWF owner Rick Deezel and sounded off on the fans at Riders In The Country, berating them and calling the facility a "dump". He promised he'd defend his title at an RCW event in the future before leaving to the sound of a very displeased crowd.

Former RCW Tag Champion "New Era" Jimmy Parker was out next, calling out the recently retired and unmasked Paco Loco, telling him that he could have his mask back and be his partner in challenging RCW Tag Team Champions Just Us League's Cade Sidel & Suicide Test Dummy for the belts. Loco reluctantly agreed, pulling his familiar mask back into place and stepping on the ring apron as Parker's tag partner. Parker exhibited a disdain for the rules as much as Loco followed them, causing friction between the two as the separated Suicide from his partner for much of the bout. Parker & Loco defeated the champions via pinfall, becoming the new RCW Tag Team Champions, with Parker in control of his partner as they exited the arena with the belts.

A packed house welcomed the main event as it became eight-man tag team action with Team Boogie led to the ring by Rob "Boogie Woogie Man" McBride. His partners followed to a roar as Lizard Lick Towing's Ronnie & Amy Shirley and Repo Man Bobby hit the arena with Big Juicy coming along to take care of the business end by managing from the floor at ringside. Team Kingfish made their way to the ring as Kingfish was forced to compete alongside of Mid Atlantic Outlaws Matt Houston & Louis Moore and "Hard Times" Ty Dillinger by order of the RCW Commissioner turned the bout into an eight-person tag match. Ron & Bobby made it clear that they were putting aside business and personal feelings for the balance of the evening and Ron started the bout by yelling "Sic 'em Bobby!" Bobby hit the ring full force, taking his opponents to the canvas in basic street-fighting mode. The Outlaws didn't fare much better as Ronnie went straight to their faces, watching as they dove out of the ring tagging Dillinger into the bout. Dillinger climbed into the ring and demanded that Amy tag in, which was obviously the first mistake of the night for him as she came in throwing fists and feet at the manager-turned-wrestler. Kingfish only made a couple of brief appearances, finding himself flat on his back with elbows raining in on him and quickly retreating to his team's corner. After more than twenty minutes of war, Team Boogie finished off Team Kingfish with a convincing pinfall win to a roar from the fans.

RCW returns to live action in December! Keep your eyes open for a return date soon!

(Above) Lizard Lick Towing's Repo Man Bobby, Rob "Boogie Woogie Man" McBride, Big Juicy and Ronnie & Amy Shirley celebrate after the main event at Randleman NC's Riders In The Country.

Live From You're About To Be Licked!

Lizard Lick Towing's Ron & Amy Shirley join Rob "Boogie Woogie Man" McBride, Big Juicy and Repo Man Bobby to kick off RCW "You're About To Get Licked".

Mecha Mercenary gets busy on Tony the Beach Bum in singles action.

Referee Redd Jones watches as Mecha circles for the kill.

Mecha drops boots on the hapless Beach Bum.

Robert Royal reacts to the open-hand chop of David Saunders in singles action.

Saunders cranks on the arm of Royal.

Royal returns to the ring at the behest of referee J.R. Jackson after attacking from the floor.

Surfer Jay Odyssey nails Chuck King with a flying drop kick in the corner in singles action.

King advances on Odyssey.

Veteran King appears to be listening to the referee's instructions a split-second before dropping a knee in a crippling attack.

Mark James measures Joey Eads for some punishment in tag team action.

Eads gamely tries to pull Dick Foley out of the corner.

Dream Warrior helps out his partner as they double-team James in the ring.

"Rock Star" Jersey Kidd tries to elude the grasp of Marcus Streets in singles action.

Kidd rolls up Streets for a pinfall attempt in the middle of the ring.

Kidd nails Steets with a flying dropkick in the ropes.

PWX Heavyweight Champion Rhett Titus is feeling it after nailing the Great Outdoors' Corey Havok in the corner in six-man tag team action.

The Great Outdoors' "Man Scout" Jake Manning drops "Zebra Kid" Jimmy Jannetty across the top ropes.

PWI International Ultra-J Crown Champion "Midnight Sun" Caleb Konley stretches out the Great Outdoors' Grizzly Redwood with a knee in his back.

Redwood tries to bring Titus to the canvas with a sleeper hold.

RCW YouTube Champion Scrap Yard Dog withstands the assault of 7 Oh! 4's Cedric Alexander in title action.

Scrap clamps down on the skull of Alexander on the canvas.

Alexander drops in on the champion with a pinfall attempt.

RCW Riders Cup Champion "One Man Boy Band" Roo-D Lewis rushes Tank Lawson in championship action.

Lawson drops a knee across the side of the head of Lewis on the canvas.

Monopoly Man solves Lewis' housing issues with a Monopoly House across the head.

Lawson and Chuck King stand over Lewis after making a point post-match.

AIWF World Heavyweight Champion Jimi Love explains the legacy of his title.

"New Era" Jimmy Parker lays down an offer to return the mask of Paco Loco to him if he will become his tag partner for the evening.

RCW Tag Champion's Just Us League's Cade Sidel gets busy on the legs of Parker with kicks in title action.

Paco Loco drags Just Us League's Suicide Test Dummy off of the canvas.

Parker takes a cheap shot on Dummy in the corner.

Paco Loco and "New Era" Jimmy Parker show off their newly-won RCW Tag Team Title straps.

With Big Juicy patrolling the ringside area, Bobby awaits one of the main event opponents to step into the ring after the bell.

Repo Man Bobby grabs Mid Atlantic Outlaw Louis Moore as business picks up in the squared circle.

"Hard Times" Ty Dillinger locks up with Amy Shirley from Lizard Lick Towing in the center of the ring.

Moore unloads an open-hand chop on Rob "Boogie Woogie Man" McBride as the eight-man tag main event unfolds.

Mid Atlantic Outlaw Matt Houston meets Bobby up close in the ring.

Ronnie tags in his wife to finish off Team Kingfish.

Ronnie and Bobby lift Amy over their heads to drop her on the prone Kingfish.

The celebration begins as Bobby, McBride, Big Juicy, Ronnie & Amy win the RCW main event.

Photos by Randy Hedrick for the Independent Insiders

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