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Boogie Woogie Man Wins RCW Title at RCW OCCUPY RIDER'S!

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Rider's In The Country

Randleman, NC


RCW Tag Team Titles were on the line in the first bout of OCCUPY RIDER'S pitting the champions "New Era" Jimmy Parker & Paco Loco w/Stephen Frye against former champions Cade Sydol & Suicide Test Dummy, the Just Us League, in their automatic title rematch. Pain was inflicted by both teams, but the worse pain was dealt out to the challengers by the current champions, who took everything they had to offer and stepped up and walked out with the titles still firmly around their waists following a convincing pinfall win.

Dysfunctional Disorder's Tank Lawson & Chuck King made their way to the ring for tag team action against the team of Jimmy Jannetty & Jody Osbourne w/Jenny Jannetty. Before the bell, Lawson surrendered the now-retired RCW Television Title to officials at ringside after realizing he'd not been challenged for the title for more than five years. Then violence erupted. Lawson & King went to work like a mad machine, shutting down everything their opponents attempted and turning the tide in their favor. Dysfunctional Disorder won the bout by convincing pinfall and then took the house mic and demanded a shot at the RCW Tag Team Champions at the first event in 2012.

Two-thirds of the PWI International Trios Champions Chase Dakota & Mecha Mercenary were out next for a handicap rules tag bout against the Mid Atlantic Outlaws' Louis Moore & Matt Houston and "Hard Times" Ty Dillinger w/Mr. Kingfish. Before the bell, "Young Gun" Nick Richards hit the ring, asking to be inserted into the bout as Dakota & Mecha's partner to give him a chance at a little revenge on Moore, who had injured him earlier in the summer with a piledriver. Officials allowed the addition, making the bout a standard rules six-man tag team bout which escalated into from a wrestling bout to a fight and almost back to a wrestling match before the very unlikely team of Richards, Mecha & Dakota took the win by pinfall over Mr. Kingfish's team.

Six-Pack Challenge action was up next, pitting RCW YouTube Champion Scrap Yard Dog against five potential challengers with his title on the line. Josh Valen w/Monopoly Man, Beach Bum Tony, "Big Tyme" David Saunders, Grease Monkey & Surfer Jay Odyssey all made their way to the ring for the five-fall title bout and Grease Monkey found himself quickly eliminated in the first minute. Beach Bum Tony found himself on the floor next, followed by Valen and then champion Scrap Yard Dog was eliminated by Saunders. Left alone in the ring with the title on the line against Odyssey, Saunders advanced with the idea the title was his for the taking, a deal that Odyssey was obviously not in on. The David v. Goliath story ended much in the way of the biblical one, with the much larger Saunders being dropped for the three-count by the high-energy Surfer Jay.

The Ultimate Riders Rumble was up next, with the winner guaranteed a shot at the RCW Heavyweight Title at the first RCW event of 2012. Sixteen wrestlers entered at 30-second intervals and after almost 13 minutes of bodies flying over the top ropes, the first two men who entered were the only ones remaining. "Hard Times" Ty Dillinger found himself alone in the ring with "Young Gun" Nick Richards, but Dillinger in reality, was not alone. With an assist by Mr. Kingfish on the floor, Dillinger escaped being eliminated and able to turn the tables on the fired-up Richards tossing him over the top ropes to the floor to win a shot at the RCW title.

RCW Heavyweight Champion "Assassin" Ray Kandrack w/"Hard Times" Ty Dillinger was out for the main event title defense against RCW owner Rob "Boogie Woogie Man" McBride. The fan-favorite McBride went toe-to-toe with the no-nonsense heavyweight champion, but quickly found himself being double-teamed by the champion and his manager. After the challenger decided he'd seen enough, he ducked a killing blow by Kandrack, who nearly clubbed his own manager in the face, before Boogie was able to finally pin the shoulders of the champion to win the RCW Heavyweight Title!

After the main event, Chase Dakota & Mecha Mercenary hit the ring and attacked McBride. The locker room emptied as wrestlers and ring crew both attempted to keep McBride and Mecha separated. The two broke through the mass of bodies intending to contain them on several occasions before Mecha finally turned and exited the building. McBride took the house mic and informed the big masked monster that he'd see him next Saturday at CWF Mid Atlantic BATTLECADE XII!

RCW will return to live action early in 2012! Keep an eye on IndyInsiders.Com and RCW's social media pages for upcoming Rider's events!

(Above) Manager Mr. Kingfish tries to take out "Young Gun" Nick Richards with a cane at RCW OCCUPY RIDER'S at Randleman NC's Rider's In The Country.


Former RCW Tag Champ Just Us League's Cade Sydol ties up current tag champion Paco Loco in RCW return Tag Title action.

Paco Loco exclaims his innocence as the referee warns off a choke on Suicide Test Dummy.

"New Era" Jimmy Parker puts an end to the RCW Tag Title bout by driving Dummy to the canvas with a vengeance.

Tank Lawson, one half of Dysfunctional Disorder, surrenders the now-retired RCW Television Title to officials at ringside prior to tag team action.

Jimmy Jannetty cranks on the wrist of Lawson who discovers he's in the wrong corner.

Jannetty continues to work on the wrist of Lawson as referee J.R. Jackson looks on.

Dysfunctional Disorder's Chuck King cracks the spine of Jody Osbourne on the canvas.

Mid Atlantic Outlaw's Louis Moore & "Hard Times" Ty Dillinger mug for the camera during six-man tag team introductions.

Mecha Mercenary finds himself in the ring with Dillinger, who is dwarfed by the masked monster.

Louis Moore renews hostilities with "Young Gun" Nick Richards in six-man tag team action.

Moore adds boots to Mid Atlantic Outlaw's Matt Houston's assault on Chase Dakota.

Houston and Dillinger stand over Richards after he's left crumpled in the ring once again by Mr. Kingfish's team.

RCW YouTube Champion Scrap Yard Dog goes for the throat of Grease Monkey in Six Pack Challenge action for his title.

"Big Tyme" David Saunders goes toe-to-toe with the Dog!

Scrap shoots Surfer Jay Odyssey across the ring into the ropes.

Odyssey leads Saunders into the corner to win the RCW YouTube Title.

Competitors fill the ring for the Ultimate Riders Rumble for a guaranteed shot at the RCW Heavyweight Championship at the first RCW event of 2012.

Chase Dakota crows to Jenny Jannetty that she should be somewhere besides inside of a wrestling ring full of angry men.

The first two to enter become the last two remaining in the Rumble as Nick Richards gets in the face of Ty Dillinger.

Mr. Kingfish offers a little help to his charge to keep him from being eliminated from the Rumble!

RCW Heavyweight Champion "Assassin" Ray Kandrack gets last second instructions from "Hard Times" Ty Dillinger as he defends his title against Rob "Boogie Woogie Man" McBride.

McBride advances on the champion, who appears backed into a corner.

An irate challenger makes his way toward the champion's manager on the floor at ringside.

Kandrack works over the arm and shoulder of McBride on the canvas in the center of the ring.

The fight spills onto the floor at ringside as the big men get busy.

McBride clamps the "Weaver Lock" Sleeper on Kandrack.

Mecha Mercenary attacks McBride following the main event, clearing both locker rooms!

Wrestlers, ring crew and Rider's security try to keep McBride and Mecha seperated a week before their Last Man Standing match at CWF Mid Atlantic BATTLECADE XII!

Photos by Randy Hedrick for the Independent Insiders

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