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The Fans Win Big As Veteran's Day Vengeance Roars Through Haw River NC!

A Special Photo Extra!

American Legion Post #427

Haw River NC


CB Suave and Gil Quest went toe-to-toe in the opening bout of the afternoon, with Quest outlasting Suave in a high-speed battle.

FireStar South Eastern Champion Rob Killjoy accepted the challenge to defend his title in a three-way scramble against Labron Kozone and Cam Carter and walked out with the belt firmly in hand after a pinfall decision.

Six man tag action hit the ring next as Team McBride's Rob "Boogie Woogie Man" McBride, Court Montgomery and Zane Riley squared off against Team Love's Jimi Love, Shea McGrady and Kalis Miller. Time stood still as the six men battled, with Team McBride taking the duke.

Cory Duncom and Boss Hogg hit the ring next for a singles tilt. Boss Hogg took away the reach advantage of Duncom by battling him on the canvas for a pinfall win.

Tag team action took center stage as the $outh$ide Playas' J-Money and Will B. Smooth hit the arena to battle Biggie Smoove's Aaron Biggs and Chris "Sho Smoove" Lea. The Playas pulled off a surprising pinfall to beat Biggie Smoove despite being throttled for most of the bout.

Marcellus King was out next to go to war against Arik Royal in singles action. The big men went hard and fast with King pulling off a pinfall win.

"Beastmaster" Ric Link was out next, followed by his unlucky drawn opponent "Lost Cause" Nick Richards. Richards took the big man seriously and still found himself overwhelmed by the violence that Link calls upon in the ring to bring home another win.

The Mid Atlantic Outlaws' Matt Houston and Louis Moore were out next to take the hard-hitting Brutes' Mark James and Jimmy Parker in tag team action. The Outlaws added a victory to their side of their series via pinfall.

Caleb Konley and Smith Garrett then entered for singles action. Konley controlled much of the bout but Smith Garrett was able to find an opening and get the pinfall win.

CWF Mid Atlantic Television Champion Cedric Alexander was out next to defend his newly-won title against Lee Valiant. Valiant put aside his anger and focused on his wrestling skills and savvy, but was unable to take the belt from the new champion.

Special Guest Referee "Handsome" Jimmy Valiant was introduced before American Legion Wrestling Champion Chet Sterling entered to defend his title against the Flock's Lodi. The popular Lodi never saw the signs as Sterling pulled off an impressive come-from-behind pinfall win to retain the title.

"Southern Savior" John Skyler and "The Alpha of Omega" Trevor Lee hit the ring for main event singles action and sparks flew beginning when the bell rang to start the contest. The two battled furiously, exchanging shots that should have finished off lesser men, but Father Time won the bout as the time limit expired with the two still going at it!


Gil Quest checks his dental work as CB Suave rushes in for another attack in singles action.

FireStar South Eastern Heavyweight Champion Rob Killjoy collides with Labron Kozone, who then falls on Cam Carter in three-way title action.

Kalis Miller demands Rob "Boogie Woogie Man" McBride tag in one of his teammates in six-man tag action.

Zane Riley goes for the pinfall on Miller!

Shae McGrady collides with Court Montgomery.

Boss Hogg cranks on the wrist of Cory Duncom in singles action.

Boss Hogg goes behind Duncom.

$outh$ide Playa Will B. Smooth points out someone who owes him money. And yes, he wants his money!

Biggie Smoove's Chris Lea cranks on the arm of $outh$ide Playa J-Money on the canvas.

Aaron Biggs rushes in to relieve Lea in tormenting J-Money.

Arik Royal has his arm twisted by "Army of One" Marcellus King in singles action.

Royal drops a knee across the arm of King.

"Beastmaster" Ric Link rips away at "Lost Cause" Nick Richards in the ropes in No DQ action.

The Beastmaster educates the Lost Cause in the art of inflicting pain.

The Brutes' Jimmy Parker runs in to attack the Mid Atlantic Outlaws' Louis Moore in tag team action.

Moore gets the full attention of Parker, straight to the face.

Caleb Konley ties up Smith Garrett with his shoulders on the canvas in singles action.

Garrett goes behind Konley looking for an advantage.

CWF Mid Atlantic Television Champion Cedric Alexander cranks on the wrist of challenger Lee Valiant.

Valiant grounds Alexander working over his arm on the canvas.

Lodi drops a ring boot across ALW champion Chet Sterling in title action.

Guest referee "Handsome" Jimmy Valiant orders the wrestlers out of the ropes.

Valiant stops his count as Lodi rolls over Sterling on the canvas.

Trevor Lee cranks on the arm of "Southern Savior" John Skyler in main event singles action.

Skyler gets behind Lee and brings the fight to the canvas.

The referee calls for the break as the competitors battle in the corner.

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